Yuri from Daehan Jeju Island with Korean patch “We are one”


1m85-88 kg. Yuri Jonatan (25, Jeju United), who has a solid build, strides into the interview room. He soon put his hands together and bowed his head 45 degrees. An official from the Jeju club hinted, “Yuri is a very polite player.”

Jeju, led by coach Nam Ki-il, made changes to the attacking team ahead of the new season. At the center is a new foreign player, Yuri. Jeju recruited Yuri, a forward striker from Brazil. Yuri made his professional debut in 2017 in Ponchi Preta, Brazil, and gained experience in Coimbra, Fehobiaria (Brazil), Raychonis, Istrella (Portugal), and Guyare Tottori (Japan).

Yuri, who is training in the winter camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, said, “When I was in Brazil, I heard about the K-League and Jeju through other players. I heard that there are fans with great passion,” he laughed.

Expectations are high. Physically, it is different. His nickname is ‘Tanque’, Portuguese for ‘tank’. Director Nam Gi-il, who was called a ‘tank’ during his active career, was amazed that it was a “tank on a different level.” Yuri is evaluated to be good at dominating the air with a confident check and post play.

Yuri said, “Like my nickname, I play soccer like a ‘tank. I will make use of my other abilities so that I can show a good image.”

Yuri is concentrating on getting in sync with his teammates. He said, “I heard about Hayes before coming to Korea. I heard that he is a high-quality player. I contacted him personally. I also have a football-like personality with Hayes. I can see how he catches the ball with which foot and how he turns around, both on and off the ground.” We are still communicating,” he said. Yuri and Hayes raised expectations by collaborating on attack points in a practice game held during battery training.

I am also working hard to communicate with Korean players. He explained, “I started tutoring Korean from when I heard that Jeju was interested in me. I studied with my wife. I am trying to learn the language as quickly as possible.” During the interview, Yuri showed off her Korean skills that she had honed over the years. He smiled brightly as he wrote ‘Jeju’ and ‘Yuri’ in Korean. Jeju players who saw his handwriting praised him, saying, “You write well.”

Yuri said, “Thank you for your interest in Jeju. The club’s direction itself was the club I envyed. There was no difficulty in deciding to challenge the K-League.” 헤라카지노도메인

“Before I came (last year), I know that Joo Min-gyu scored enough goals to compete for the top scorer. I feel responsible for that. I don’t like setting limits. I don’t want to be relieved that I’ve achieved it after catching it. The team craves victory. My goal is to focus on the team. Winning the K-League or advancing to the Asian Champions League (ACL). Jeju club to win all games. I hope I can have a good season by matching my personality to the goal of ‘. My goal this year is to achieve Jeju’s goal.”

After the interview, Yuri said, “It’s one!” When asked what it meant, he showed pride, saying, “Before training, we always say, ‘Jeju is one.’ We are one.”

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