Yun Shiwan, Dongxuan Town “Same uniform as my dad, best feeling ever!”

The same jersey as his dad, and his first goal. It was an unforgettable tournament for young Yoon Siwan.

On the 11th of this month, the 27th Gyeonggi-do Governor’s Life Sports Basketball Tournament, held in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, came to a successful conclusion. Held on the 10th and 11th, the Gyeonggi-do Governor’s Life Sports Basketball Tournament is a city-county competition that represents Gyeonggi-do. A total of 75 teams in five categories (youth, secondary, first and second grade, high school, first and second grade, and university) enjoyed a festival of unity through basketball.

Among them, Yoon Siwan (Dongsuwoncho 1), who represented the Suwon youth team, received a lot of cheers. The scene where he scored a goal by throwing a ball bigger than his head over his head was impressive.

“My dad loves basketball, so I’ve been going to the basketball court since I was a kid, and when my older brother started playing basketball (Yoon Ji-wan, 6th grade, Masan), I also went to his school, but I wanted to play basketball, so I started playing at the Suwon KT Youth Basketball Club last summer,” he said.

Yoon received an early education in basketball from his family. His father is Mr. Yoon Dong-il, who plays for the Anyang basketball club ‘Owls’. He competes for Suwon in the Gyeonggi-do Sports Competition.

“Last year, I played in the i-League, and I wore a KT jersey, but this year, it felt good to wear the same Suwon City jersey as my dad,” he said. “I scored my first goal with a free throw, and it felt great. I was very disappointed because I missed two, but the next day, I made both free throws, so I was very excited and happy,” he said of his first tournament representing Suwon City.메이저사이트

Last but not least, he was cheered on by the Suwon KT Sonic Boom, a professional basketball team based in Suwon.

“This year, KT will definitely win the championship,” Yoon said. “I liked Yang Hong-seok the most, but then I went to another team and liked Heo Hoon.” “In the NBA, I like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson because they shoot well, and I also like Jung Sung-jo (Owls), who is on the same team as my dad,” he said shyly.

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