Yoo Hee-hyung writes my life, my basketball ㉘ Dreams and hopes for young people!

  • February 15, 2023

Since the November 2020 issue, Jumpball has been serializing <My Life, My Basketball> by Yoo Hee-hyung, former head of the KBL referee. <My Life, My Basketball>, which contains various stories such as the national team in the 1960s and 1970s, life as a leader in Saudi Arabia, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup Organizing Committee, ends with episode 28. The last 28th story is a story of memories with children at the Macheon Youth Training Center.

※This article was published in the February issue of Jump Ball, a basketball magazine.

A youth training center that made my heart younger
For nine years from 2005, he served as the head of the Macheon Youth Training Center in Songpa-gu. It is a five-story building located at the entrance of the Namhansanseong trail, and has classrooms (2nd and 3rd floors), a library (4th floor), and an auditorium (5th floor). He also held the position of librarian. It is a place to educate low-income students in the Macheon-dong area, funded by the Songpa-gu Office budget. This is a place where elementary and middle school students come to the training center to receive after-school classes after finishing school. It was rewarding and proud to face 200 dreamers every day. In addition to Korean, English, and Sue, various programs such as native English classes and experiential learning have been opened. It is free for low-income students, but general students pay a fee. During school holidays, classes are all day and lunch is provided. Special activities include swimming, skiing, basketball, and farming experience. There are also programs for nearby residents. The library is always available, and you can learn health, yoga, etc. at an affordable price. It has clearly established itself as a popular attraction in the region. The position of training director was given by chance. After serving as head of KBL’s professional basketball game, while he was resting at home, his graduate school motive came to him. His wife is the manager of the Macheon Youth Training Center, but the director’s position is vacant, so he wants to recommend a successor. He said he was looking for someone with 10+ years of experience in the youth field. She immediately said I was the right person. She had been in the Department of Physical Education and Youth for over 15 years, and when she was told that she had resigned as a secretary, she was glad to see her and said that she would take her as the director. He took office right away. The training center is a place responsible for the education of young sprouts in sports and other fields. It has 20 employees, mostly young female teachers. My heart also became younger.

Introduction of sport stacking
When he took office as director, the staff liked him. The status of the training center has changed. Previously, officials at the lower end of the ward office said that they had a hard time telling the director to come. visited the department. The staff, including the manager in charge, welcomed me. He even joked that he was a basketball fan. The head of the operation department is surprised and vomits out the sadness he has suffered. It is said that the budget payment was delayed, and the salary of the staff was also delayed. The Director of Songpa-gu Office is a 4th grade secretary. They said that I was at the same level as the director and that the courtesy was different because I was a famous player. They also recognized me and treated me like a senior civil servant. From then on, he led the training center smoothly for 9 years. I received a lot of help in securing the budget thanks to the consideration of the mayor, members of the assembly, and members of the local constituency. I was able to do various new projects including remodeling the training center. Focused on developing new programs. Introduced sport stacking. It is a game called stacking cups, and it is a game to stack 12 cups in the most correct way. Teenagers liked it. Attracted and successfully held a qualifying competition in the Seoul region, receiving praise. He also created a etiquette education program called “Leisure Manman Tea-Food.” It is a program that teaches tea ceremony etiquette, proper wearing of hanbok, and proper bow training. A project was also developed in which professional etiquette teachers belonging to the training center visited nearby schools to instruct students on the spot. Parents liked it. It also gave students an opportunity to learn an instrument. It is a project that the City Symphony Orchestra provides free tuition to children of low-income families with the budget of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and won the project through fierce competition. The annual budget is 140 million won. Thanks to that, 50 students were able to learn the instrument they wanted for free. All instruments are provided This is a program in which three musicians from the Sihyang region visit the training center and give guidance. A good opportunity was given to students who had musical talents but could not learn an instrument due to family circumstances. The students, who had first encountered instruments such as the violin, viola, cello, and trumpet, fell in love with the performance. Two years later, a concert was held for local residents. I felt proud to see the students’ families enjoying the performance and clapping their hands. 슬롯사이트

When I was the head of the training center, I had the privilege of being able to read the books I wanted as much as I wanted. Because there is a library on the 4th floor. She read ‘The Tale of the Romans’, Dostoyevsky’s ‘The Brothers Karamazov’, Murakami Haruki’s ‘Norwegian Woods (The Lost Age)’ and ‘IQ84′, etc., to which she was impressed. She always emphasized to her students that she should read a lot to develop her character. She also ran a reading program. During her rural experiential learning, she always accompanied her. It is a program where she experiences picking corn, digging potatoes, and catching trout. Particular emphasis was placed on maintaining public order. She ordered her teachers to thoroughly conduct field education through practice such as group action, tidying up the surroundings, and caring for colleagues. She also had troublesome things. She wants to serve as the chairperson of the management of nearby institutions and schools. She refused, but stubbornly clung to it. She served as the chairperson of the operation of the nearby Namchon Elementary School and Macheon Daycare Center. It was a position where there was only suffering without pay. The daycare center accommodates 140 children between the ages of 1 and 6, and competition for entry is fierce. Hundreds of people wait for their turn after applying online. A request comes in for me too. When there is a vacant seat, I couldn’t help because it was processed in order of application. Namcheon Elementary School’s steering committee chair was a time-consuming position. Among the parents, a competent person should be in charge, but I took over because there was no suitable person. You have to attend various events and give greetings, and you have to attend sports events and academic presentations. I had a lot of trouble when I was electing the principal. The selection committee, which consists of myself, the vice principal, teachers, and outsiders, conducts a strict evaluation. 8 people applied. Most of them were incumbent vice principals, and there were also supervisors from the Office of Education. I checked the documents for two days. Finally, the candidate presents his/her opinion on the educational philosophy and teaching method. The judges meticulously evaluated the scores and parents’ votes determined the principal candidate. I suffered for several days, but there was no meeting fee or allowance itself. it’s a free service Unexpectedly, I was lucky to be the head of the youth training center. He was treated as the head of an engine in Songpa-gu, and he enjoyed the satisfaction to his heart’s content. In particular, it was a heartbreaking memory to play a part in the training center’s education project, which gives dreams and hopes to young people who live hard while overcoming difficult home environments.

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