Yankees’ disintegration, manager Boone’s criticism, “We don’t give up” after 8 consecutive losses in 28 years

 The New York Yankees, whose losing streak is getting longer, is being driven to the point of conflict between the front and the field.

The Yankees knelt 5-6 in a home game against the Boston Red Sox held at Yankee Stadium on the 21st (Korean time). The Yankees, who lost 8 games from the Miami Marlins on the 13th, marked 60-64, and the AL Wild Card 3rd place Seattle Mariners took a further 9 games.

It is the first time in 28 years since August 20-27, 1995 that the Yankees lost eight straight games. However, that year, the Yankees advanced to the postseason by dramatically winning the wild card by finishing the last 33 games of the season with a phenomenal win rate of 26-7. But this year, the odds seem slim. This is because the concentration, motivation and teamwork of the players are the worst.

The game was decided in the Yankees attack in the 8th inning. The Yankees created a chance in the bottom of the 8th inning when the score was tied 5-5, when Isaiah Cainer-Palepa hit a right-handed hit. After two batters were out, Anthony Volpi hit to left. However, first base runner Cainer-Faleppa took advantage of Boston left fielder Rob Lefsnyder’s slip at the moment of the catch and ran home from third base.

The ball passed through the third baseman and was relayed home, but Junior Valentin umpire declared safe. The video was read at Boston’s request for a challenge, and the safe was overturned as an out. Cainer-Palepa’s foot was out on Boston catcher Connor Wong’s tag, and the original ruling that Wong did not interfere with base running according to home plate collision regulations was upheld.

It was a disappointing challenge for the Yankees, who had to lead 6-5. Boston scored the winning run in the top of the ninth inning with Justin Turner hitting a double to the right with one out and first and third basemen.

Boston, which recently won 3 consecutive wins and 7 wins against the Yankees, marked 66-58, maintained 5th place in the AL wild card, and maintained 3 games against Seattle in 3rd place.

The last time the Yankees, who suffered 8 consecutive losses in 28 years, finished the season with a winning rate of less than 50% was in 1992, and 1990 was the most recent example. Because of this, the Yankees are in trouble inside and outside the team these days.

Manager Aaron Boone said in an official interview right after Boston’s loss the day before, “I know it’s a very boring answer. But we tried to win the game today, and we went into the game with the expectation that today would be a winning day.” “It’s a way of looking at it and it tells us where we are now. Our players are like sick animals in a lot of ways.” He blamed the players for the losing streak.

Prior to the game, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he had a meeting with Hal Steinbrenner, owner, and general manager Brian Cashman. It is said that since the team atmosphere has collapsed, a consensus has been formed that something must be prepared.온라인바카

However, it was reported that Steinbrenner, the owner of the team, and Cashman, the general manager, criticized Boone for the team management and performance at this meeting.

Coach Boone said that he had received from the club’s leadership that they were very disappointed with the team’s performance. Nevertheless, coach Boone emphasized, “I promise we haven’t given up yet. We have to win.”

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