Yang Chan-yeol’s unfortunate illness. I lived in 1st base, but I was out at 2nd base… Why was the second baseman-catcher-shortstop born?

A unique double play was created. A ground ball in front of the second baseman in a chance to load the bases led to a double play between the catcher and the shortstop.

It was an absurd play made during the match between Doosan Bears and KT Wiz held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 19th.

Doosan, trailing 0-1, tied the score in the top of the 4th inning and continued to turn around. After one death, Doosan tied the score 1-1 with Yang Eui-ji’s walk in the third, Kim Jae-hwan’s right-handed hit in the 4th, and Yang Seok-hwan’s left-handed hit in the 5th. Yang Chan-yeol hit the 8th pitch in 2B2S on the 7th, and the missed ball rolled right in front of the second baseman. At this time, first base runner Lohas stopped to avoid being tagged, and KT second 메이저사이트 baseman Lee Sang-ho threw home first and caught the third base runner. The quick-footed Yang Chan-yeol quickly reached first base, so it was difficult to play double. I wondered if the bases would be loaded with two outs like that, but there was no runner on second base. Rojas, who had stopped, ran to second base, but did not reach it yet. Jang Sung-woo saw this and threw it to second base, and after the ball entered the glove of shortstop Park Min-soo, who was on second base, Rojas’ feet touched it. out. It was a force out situation, not a tag, so the double play could be completed.

Rojas didn’t run a few steps from first base and stopped right away, so he left too far to second base, and his feet were not fast enough.

KT, who overcame the crisis with the bases loaded, took the lead again 3-1 with Alford’s two-run four at the end of the 4th inning.

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