Woori Card, an unfamiliar mid-season crisis…Director Shin Young-cheol “Agames must take responsibility”

  • February 13, 2023

Men’s professional volleyball ‘strong team’ Woori Card is in crisis. From the Samsung Firefighting match on the 25th of last month to the KEPCO match on the 12th, it suffered 5 consecutive losses. They lost twice against the lowest ranked Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. 

The sluggish performance of foreign player Riverman Agamez is painful. He is a proven player in the V-League, but is it because of his age (we are 39 years old)? The form dropped rapidly. The ups and downs are also great. In the match against KB Insurance on the 31st of last month, he played an active role, recording 31 points and an attack success rate of 53.19%, but after that, 2 out of 3 games were only in the 30% range. Woori Card coach Shin Young-chul also said, “It is true that the sense of rhythm is less than in the prime of life.” 

Agamez was also sluggish in the Korea Electric Power Match on the 12th, when Woori Card was on a record of 5 consecutive losses. He was blocked a couple of times early in the game, and kept his head down behind the offensive line. There was also a scene where Hwang Seung-bin, the setter, comforted him. 

In the end, Agamez was replaced in the second half of the 3rd set, and the 4th set went in ahead of entering the 20-point range. Even in the match where the set score was 2-2, it did not come out after entering the bench at 0-4 in the beginning. Woori Card had domestic players Song Hee-chae and Kim Ji-han fighting hard in this game, but the attack route had to be relatively monotonous, and in the end, they lost with only 8 points in 5 sets. 

Currently, domestic ace Na Gyeong-bok is not in a good condition. In this situation, foreign players are unable to find their own pace. He often touched his right elbow, showing signs of pain. 

Coach Shin Young-cheol is a leader who values ​​the attitude of foreign players more than their skills. When Alex, who played in the 2020-21 season, also showed an insincere attitude, he issued a disobedience.  바카라사이트

First of all, Agamez doesn’t seem to be in pain in recent team training. Director Shin Young-cheol is also puzzled. After losing the match against Samsung Fire & Marine on the 12th, Shin coach said, “As the ace of the team, you have to take responsibility (in the game). If you show that way, the morale of the team will inevitably fall. We will find a way.” 

As of the 13th, Woori Card marked 41 points and is still in third place. It has the same number of points as KEPCO in 4th place, and is two points behind OK Financial Group in 5th place. It was a team that struggled at the beginning of each season due to breathing problems in the setter and striker, but showed potential after the middle. In the meantime, foreign players have also suffered from injuries. Attention is focusing on how coach Shin Young-cheol and Woori Card players will overcome the current crisis. 

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