“Woods has come” with cloud fans… successful comeback

  • February 17, 2023

Woods’ return to the field after seven months was a success.

Despite the hiatus caused by his injury, he hit an exciting long hit. 

Cloud spectators gathered to see him went wild.

This is Reporter Jeong Yoon-cheol. 

Golf fans surrounded the green field like clouds.

I’m busy taking photos of Woods, who has returned with his mobile phone held high.

Cheers are louder than applause because you can’t clap your hands because you’re taking a great shot.

[Location sound]
“Oh! Oh!”

Woods responded to the cheers of the crowd by catching a birdie from the first hole.

Woods’ movement was also captured shaking his whole body and cheering.

When he tries a tricky putt, an earnest cry comes out.

[Location sound]
“Go in! Go in!”

Encouraged by the cheering, Woods, who caught a birdie, clenched his fists.

[Woods / American golfer]
“The fans’ passionate support and support for all of us was great.”

Woods, the host of this tournament sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company, was committed to rehabilitation after a car accident in 2021 and returned to the field seven months after the Open last year.

Woods rode a cart and went around the rounds in an event with his son in December of last year, but in this event, he showed a much healthier appearance by walking the course himself from the pro-am.

Despite his injury hiatus and his 48-year-old age, Woods hit a long drive that lasted for as long as 338 yards.

Even though he played rounds with McIlroy and Thomas, who are like his younger brothers, his flight distance was not pushed back.

Woods, who gradually regained his sense of play, showed a smile after making consecutive birdies in the last three holes. 안전놀이터

[Woods / American Golfer]
“I didn’t want to be a stupid host missing a birdie in front of everyone.”

Attention is focusing on whether Woods, who announced his successful return, will also solve the homework to recover his physical strength and continue a good flow throughout the tournament.

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