Woo Joo Sung, who coach Seol Ki-hyun was waiting for, overcame cruciate ligament injury and returned to 100% this year

  • February 15, 2023

After recovering from a cruciate ligament injury last year, Woo Joo-seong, a defender of Gyeongnam FC, is concentrating on improving his condition to 100% this year.

On the 15th, a Gyeongnam press conference was held at the Arina Hotel in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’. Gyeongnam, which was unfortunately eliminated in the K-League 2 playoffs last season, is preparing for the new season by going back and forth to Namhae and Miryang in Gyeongnam, aiming for better results this season. Director Seol Ki-hyun, Lee Kwang-jin, and Woo Sung attended the press conference and expressed their determination for the new season.

Last year, Woo Joo Sung personally had a disappointing season. After resolving military issues at Sangmu Kim Cheon and returning to Gyeongnam, he was seriously injured while preparing for the new season with enthusiasm. During his winter training, he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury and was forced to leave the ground for an extended period of time.

It must have been a big psychological hit as he suffered a long-term injury right after he was discharged from the military, but he was not frustrated. He watched Gyeongnam’s games, sometimes at the stadium and sometimes on TV, and prepared to return. As a result, he returned to the field after about half a year, overturning expectations that he might be out of the season. He played his first league game at the end of August, and played 12 games in the second half of the season.

“I knew that everything was out of season, but I set the goal of returning before the season ended. I focused on rehabilitation with the thoughts of ‘Let’s play at least one game unconditionally’ and ‘Let’s be of help even then if the team goes to the playoffs’. I didn’t mean to quit soccer anyway. Watching our team’s game and thinking about what I would do if I returned was my motivation. Fortunately, the surgery went well and the rehabilitation went well. That’s why I was able to return quickly. Even after returning, the prognosis is not good. There are some good cases, and I’ve been lucky.”

Director Seol was greatly disappointed by the news of the long-term injury of the space star last year. He evaluated ‘a player who will play well enough in the K League 1’ and often mentioned the vacancy. Expectations are high for his performance this season, which will come back from the aftermath of his injury. To that extent, the appearance of the universe that he showed from immediately after his discharge from the military until his injury was excellent.

“I was in good condition during winter training last year. I was the best while playing soccer. I think that was my 100%. I get stressed because my body doesn’t come up as much as I did during training, but Rafael’s physical coach told me not to think in a hurry, so I’m managing it well.”

While Woo Joo-seong was away, a new face appeared in the position of Gyeongnam right defender. It was fullback Lee Jun-jae, born in 2003, who had just graduated from Gyeongnam Youth Jinju High School and entered the professional stage. As soon as he made his debut, he was entrusted with a heavy duty, but Lee Joon-jae quickly adapted to the professional stage and played in 32 games. Recognized for his performance, he is consistently on the U20 national team. This season, Woo Joo-sung and Lee Joon-jae together take charge of the right side of Gyeongnam. Woo Sung, born in 1993, sees Lee Jun-jae, who is a ’10-year-old junior’, as a partner who can complement each other rather than his competitor, and also gives advice. 메이저놀이터

“Junjae and I have different styles. If Junjae has strength in offense, I am the defensive type. So Junjae will learn something from me, and I am learning from Junjae. Junjae has to go to the U-20 World Cup right away, I will go to many competitions in the future. I am a player who can go up to representative A. I am trying to tell a helpful story. However, it seems that they are a little difficult for me. I did not find it difficult for seniors who are 10 years older than me. When I first joined the team, there were (Kim) Young-kwang and (Cho) Won-hee on the team. After that, I was close with (Bae) Ki-jong and (Choi) Jae-soo. Ki-jong and I continued to be roommates. I’m not a senior. (Lee) Min-gi is good at playing pranks on me… but I think Jun-jae is still having a hard time (laughs).”

The universe, which is preparing for a new season without any pain, has set several goals for this season. “First of all, my goal is to play in more than 30 games. One of my goals last year was to exceed (Choi) Young-jun’s brother’s record for the most appearances in Gyeongnam, and he broke that record. This season, he played 200 games (currently 173) in Gyeongnam. I am aiming for it. I also want to increase the number of attack points when I play as right fullback. Last year, the kicks of my team were good. I am also practicing during this winter training. Glayson has good RBI. Glayson will accept it well. . Expectations are high.”

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