‘Wonder Boy’ Owen predicts 23-24 EPL standings…”Man City to win, Man Utd Liverpool to finish 4th” Tottenham?

‘Wonder Boy’ Michael Owen has predicted the English Premier League (EPL) standings for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

“It’s that moment when soccer pundits start predicting what will happen in the upcoming season,” the U.K.’s Give Me Sports said on Friday. The former Ballon d’Or winner (2001) has predicted what the league table will look like in May 2024,” and revealed Owen’s predictions.

“Predictions for the upcoming season, some of which will undoubtedly come back to haunt me,” Owen wrote on his personal social media account on Thursday. But that’s the fun of it. Let me elaborate on my thoughts,” he wrote, laying out his rankings of the 20 teams.

He picked Manchester City to win. “I almost picked Arsenal to topple City,” says Owen. Arsenal had a good transfer window. There wasn’t much difference between the two teams last season, and they’ve had more reinforcements this summer, but City are one of the best teams we’ve ever seen, and if they maintain that aspiration, they’ll be hard to beat.”

Fourth place, which qualifies for the UEFA Champions League (UCL), was also of great interest. Owen’s choices were Liverpool and Manchester United. “I think Liverpool and Manchester United will finish third and fourth respectively, but both teams have been visually unimpressive (= less active in the transfer market) compared to last season,” says Owen.

“Liverpool have formed a new midfield, and I think they will continue to follow Man City and Arsenal by using fullbacks to fill the midfield at times. It may work, but I love the Liverpool of the past. You know, the one with the constant pressure up front, the creative fullbacks, etc. The fact that they are slipping away from the top worries me,” he added.

As for Man United, “They followed the recent trend and bought a goalkeeper who can handle the ball. It looks like a good signing. In the other position, they filled an important position they were crying out for. If Rasmus Hojlund is successful, it will be good for them.”

He also made his case for Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea. Owen said, “I covered Chelsea’s three preseason games. It’s a new team and it’s hard to predict. Newcastle United are the opposite. There will be no repeat of last season. The only question is how they will cope with the new UEFA UCL.”카지노

Instead, Owen picks Unai Emery’s Aston Villa in sixth place. Newcastle and Brighton followed. Tottenham Hotspur, led by Son Heung-min, came in at No. 9. “Spurs don’t have an amazing squad, but with Son Heung-min back to full health, they could have an attacking season,” said Owen, who predicted them to finish ninth.

The three teams in the relegation zone are Wolverhampton Wanderers, Sheffield United, and Luton Town. “Wolverhampton sold some of their best players and didn’t replace them,” Owen said, predicting they would finish 18th.

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