Women’s volleyball Hyundai E&C Kim Yeon-gyeon suffered partial rupture of ligaments in her ankle, and will be out for at least two weeks.

The Hyundai Engineering & Construction team said on the 8th that Libero Kim Yeon-gyeon (30) had to have his ankle fixed for 2 weeks due to partial rupture of ligaments in his right ankle as a result of MRI examination at the hospital. She went on to add that in two weeks she will be undergoing an additional checkup on her ankle. That means you can’t play for at least two weeks. Kim Yeon-gyeon also has a history of having surgery on her left ankle three years ago.

Kim Yeon-gyeon fell down and retired to the bench after injuring his right foot while playing Digg after entering the second set deuce situation at the time of the Heungkuk Life Insurance match held in Suwon, Anbang-in on the 7th. At this time, he seemed to have a hard time even walking, as he was hugged by a team official and left the court. 바카라

With the departure of Kim Yeon-gyeon, who had been responsible for stable receiving as the team’s main libero, the future of Hyundai E&C became difficult. In fact, in the Heungkuk Life match on the 7th, when Kim Yeon-gyeon was missing, Hyundai E&C showed a shaken appearance as the attack flow was cut off with an uneasy receive in the 3rd set.

Hyundai E&C already had bad news about foreign players being injured. Hyundai E&C has been playing games without foreign players for nearly two months since Yasmin Bedart (27, USA, registered name Yasmin) has been absent since mid-December last year due to back pain.

Domestic players such as veteran Hwang Yeon-ju (37) filled the void well at first, but the physical burden gradually increased. In the end, Hyundai E&C decided that it could not wait any longer, and on the 6th, it made a strong decision to recruit Ivone Montaño (28, Colombia, registered name Montaño), who was the top scorer in the Swiss league for two consecutive years as a substitute foreign player. Montaño has yet to make his debut as international transfer agreements and player registration procedures have not been finalized. Hyundai E&C expects to be able to put Montaño into the Pepper Savings Bank on the 10th.

On the 7th, Hyundai E&C knelt down to Heungkuk Life Insurance, who placed second (60 points, 20 wins, 6 losses), and allowed a tie in points, so that the first place (60 points, 21 wins, 5 losses) could no longer be relieved. In the V-League, if the points are the same, the team with the most wins is ranked higher.

With 10 regular league games ahead, Hyundai E&C faced the biggest crisis in the lead.

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