Wilson X Weekly About You: (61) Elegant Sports Lee Myeong-won

“I lost 22kg while playing basketball and grew 10cm tall. Basketball helped me a lot to recover my health.”

Assist, which has been working on the Assist For Youth project for the development of youth basketball in Korea since 2022, has been working steadily with global sports brand Wilson.

Assist, along with Wilson, selects and introduces one basketball class youth each week to join Up For You. This project has been in progress for over a year as a valuable opportunity to let young people who are hard to get attention know themselves.

Lee Myeong-won of Elegant Sports is the 61st person selected for Wilson X Weekly Here for You. 

Lee Myeong-won, now 15 years old, said he started learning basketball at Elegant Sports about a year ago. Lee Myeong-won, who is working hard at basketball classes every Saturday, said he started learning basketball for the purpose of losing weight. 

Lee Myeong-won said, “I started losing weight after hearing that my health was not good enough to require weight loss. I started learning basketball with various methods, and it seems to have helped me a lot in weight loss. I lost about 22kg while playing basketball, and my height He also grew by 10 cm,” and said that basketball was a great help in recovering his health. 

Lee Myeong-won said that he intends to continue learning basketball because his basic physical strength has improved as well as his health recovery. Lee Myung-won, who is currently active as a guard within the team, also participated in Orlando, USA basketball camp held by Elegant Sports earlier this year for various experiences. 

Lee Myeong-won, who had valuable experience in the US mainland, participated in the last Korea Tour Inje Tournament and experienced his first 3×3 competition. 

Lee Myeong-won, who often watches NBA or KBL, said that unlike his peers, he likes Tracy McGrady, an NBA star in the early 2000s. Lee Myeong-won fell in love with Tracy McGrady after watching the T-Mac Time video on YouTube. 

“Personally, I tend to coordinate the game a lot from the front line and shoot a lot, but while watching YouTube, Tracy McGrady’s game style caught my eye. Although he’s an old star, I thought he played very cool, so I fell in love with him.”메이저놀이터

Lee Myeong-won, who has been attending elegant sports for over a year and is happy that many good things have happened, said, “I think I was able to learn basketball steadily thanks to the basketball class teachers who are so good and teach me well. Thank you. And our basketball class has a clean court, so I went to practice. Every time I go, I feel good. That’s why I always seem to learn basketball in a good mood.” 

He said, “There are many things that make me feel good because of basketball, and as much as I am happy, I will continue to learn basketball. I think basketball is more fun because I can be with my friends on the court. expressed his determination.

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