Why the Alliance Self-Disclosed 11 Years Ago

KT outfielder Choi Jae-dae (28) was the first to speak out after being caught up in the “bullying” controversy. He apologized after revealing that he had been abusive to juniors during a group cheerleading session in high school at the direction of seniors. It is highly unusual for a player who has been labeled as an “abuser” to come forward first.

On July 17, Choi apologized on his social media, saying, “In 2012, when I was a sophomore at Seongnam High School, there was a group slap at the initiative of the third-year seniors during a training camp in Taiwan, and I, the second-year captain, gave the first-year juniors a slap. I hit them three times on the butt with the bat,” he said. “I apologized to the underclassmen after the prank and did not use any physical violence or profanity afterwards. I sincerely reflected and regretted accepting uncritically a bad habit that had been passed down in the athletic department,” he wrote. “We apologized to the poster (of the assault) and attempted to compensate him, but we were unable to reach an agreement. We will be in contact with the party through our representatives in the future.”

The placement team has been receiving apology and settlement demands since the beginning of this year from A, who was one of the first-year juniors who were drafted at the time. Mr. A initially contacted KT, not the team, and a team official tried to mediate but was unable to resolve the issue. Mr. A recently reported the incident online.

Eleven years ago in 2012, as a sophomore captain of the Seongnam High School baseball team, Choi Jae-dae received a team cheer from his sophomore teammates during a training camp in Taiwan. He was then instructed by the third graders to give the first graders a pep talk as the second grade captain. He admitted to hitting three buttocks with a bat.

However, in addition to the “three buttocks,” Ahn claims that “when I asked him to stop, he punched me with his fist. This is the core of the claim, which is called ‘abuse’. The team denies this part. In response to Mr. A’s claim, the senior who threw the punch was another sophomore, according to the recollections of several teammates and juniors on the baseball team at the time. The placement team apologized to the juniors after the icebreaker. They regretted punching the juniors because they didn’t have the courage to refuse the third-year seniors’ instructions.

However, they insist that they did not use their fists or become emotionally abusive to a specific junior, not as a group. The KT team also investigated closely after Mr. A contacted them and received statements from players who were first-year players at the time.

In recent years, there have been many controversial cases in the sports world, including professional baseball, where past histories of abuse have been revealed. While some athletes have been actual perpetrators of abuse, there are also quite a few cases that are difficult to categorize as abuse by common sense. Doosan pitcher Lee Young-ha was acquitted after a lengthy court battle. If what Choi and his teammates say is true, there was indeed a slap during a team meeting and someone was hit, so there was an act of violence, but it’s debatable whether it can be described as “bullying” according to social conventions.스포츠토토

The placement team, along with the KT team, suffered from Mr. A’s constant and unreasonable demands for months before he first disclosed the fact that he hit the juniors with a bat on social media. While he regrets following the seniors’ instructions, he did so in order to avoid being accused of fisticuffs he didn’t commit and being dragged into a settlement as an “abuser.

The player also recently reported his assignment to the KBO Clean Baseball Center. The KBO confirmed the incident with the club and told them that it was not a matter of taking special measures as it was not after his professional debut.

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