‘Why is (Lee) Cheonsoo hyung here?’ Stuffed ‘Leeds days’ on La Liga’s official SNS

 Lee Chun-soo (41, retired) appeared on the official social media (SNS) of La Liga in Spain.

The La Liga Secretariat recently posted a picture of Lee Chun-soo’s past on social media. Beneath it, he hinted at “Real Sociedad” with the text “Guess who it is!” For reference, La Liga SNS has about 45 million followers. The population of Korea is 51 million.

On the 7th, Lee Chun-soo was perplexed, saying, “I don’t know why my picture suddenly came up on La Li’s official SNS” through his personal channel ‘Chun-soo Lee’. “Fans asked, ‘Is La Li going to advance again? What the hell is this? Is it Asian marketing?”

Seo Sang-won and Joo Jae-won of La Liga said, “Real Sociedad (Lee Chun-soo’s home team) is doing well these days. I guess he posted an old photo of Lee Chun-soo to increase interest.” Real Sociedad is in third place in La Liga this season. 1st place FC Barcelona, ​​2nd place Real Madrid, 3rd place Real Sociedad and 4th place Atletico Madrid.

Lee Chun-soo moved from Ulsan Hyundai in the K-League to Real Sociedad in Spain in 2003. This is the moment when the first Korean in La Liga was born. Lee Chun-soo stood out at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup and won the K-League Helper Award, Rookie Award, and Best Eleven Award in the same year, before advancing to the European big leagues.

At the time, Real Sociedad was the strongest team in Spain, finishing second in La Liga following Real Madrid in the 2002-03 season. The difference between the two teams is only 2 points. FC Barcelona is in 6th place and Atletico Madrid is in 12th place.

After such a successful season, Real Sociedad immediately recruited ‘Asia’s Beckham’ Chun-Soo Lee to strengthen their offense. In the 2003-04 season, when Lee first entered Spain, he played in 13 La Liga matches, 2 King’s Cup matches, and 6 UEFA Champions League (UCL) matches. He didn’t score goals or assists, but he got a lot of attention locally. 온라인바카라

Lee Chun-soo played only one season at Real Sociedad, and moved to Numancia on loan the following season. In Numancia, after participating in 15 La Liga games for half a season, he returned to his home team, Ulsan. After Chun-Soo Lee, Ho-Jin Lee, Joo-Young Park, Young-Gyu Kim, Kang-In Lee, Seung-Ho Baek, and Sung-Yong Ki continued the Korean lineage by roaming the Spanish La Liga stage.

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