Why is Kim Ha-seong so enthusiastic, the fantastic defense thrown at the base + 4 on-base outstanding performance + 157km light speed ball properly received… The team lost by 1 point 

It was an iron wall defense itself. Ha-seong Kim (28) of the San Diego Padres showed off his fantastic defensive sense, making home fans at Petco Park in San Diego go wild. In addition, in the attack, he completed a 4 on-base game with a multi-hit and 2 walks. Although the team unfortunately lost by one point, Ha-seong Kim continues to perform brilliantly.

San Diego lost 3-4 by one point in the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) home game against the Kansas City Royals held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 18th (Korean time).

Kim Ha-seong started as the sixth batter and third baseman and played a big role with 2 hits, 2 walks and 1 run in 3 at-bats. This game was the first time Kim Ha-seong succeeded in reaching base 4 this season. Ha-seong Kim’s batting average for the season rose from 0.225 to 0.235.

Kim Ha-seong got on base with a left-handed hit in the second inning with no runners on the first run. Against Kansas City starter Hernandez, he pulled the fastball perfectly in the middle of the 98th mile (157.7km) on the second pitch in a 1-0 ball count, creating a clean left-handed hit. However, the follow-up hit failed to score.

Ha-sung Kim’s good sense continued. In the 4th inning with 1 out and 1 base, he calmly picked out 4 balls in a row after sending a first pitch strike against Kansas City reliever Myers. Then, after taking advantage of a wild pitch, Odor walked to second base, but the following two batters struck out side by side and failed to hit home.

The defense that thrilled Petco Park came in the top of the 5th inning when the team trailed 0-1. Kansas City lead hitter Prato went on base and succeeded in stealing second base. Subsequent mash strikeouts. Then, Eaton’s batted ball bounced off third baseman Kim Ha-seong and rolled. Ha-seong Kim immediately rushed towards the ball with quick judgment, and then brought the glove while calculating the bounce well. Kim Ha-seong succeeded in the catch. Now, all he has to do is spread his running throw toward first base.

But at this time, Ha-seong Kim looked at second base runner Prato and suddenly braked in a reverse action situation. And Kim Ha-seong started running again toward the third base, not the first base throw. Prato is also rushing toward the third base with full sprint. Did Ha-seong Kim think that he was a little late? He threw himself, reaching his glove toward third base. At the same time, Prato also attempted a head first slide. momentary melee. Ha-seong Kim did not lose concentration and brought the glove to Prato’s body until the end, drawing out. Initially, Prato twisted his body to avoid Kim Ha-sung’s tag and reached out to the third base, but his hand fell off as his body was pushed due to inertia. It was an outstanding decision at the moment Ha-seong Kim stopped the advance runner from advancing.

With fantastic defense, Kim Ha-seong completed a multi-hit game in the bottom of the 6th inning. A safe first base chance. He produced a hit that landed inside the left field line against Kansas City pitcher Taylor. Then, when Odor hit, he went to second base and stepped on third base with the opposing pitcher’s balk. In the end, Zander Bogarts’ infield hit scored a valuable run.

Kim Ha-seong completed the multi-hit game by scoring the second goal net in the 7th inning with a chance to 1 out and 1 base. In the ninth inning with no runners on the second runner, he swallowed his regret by withdrawing to the shortstop grounder.

On the other hand, Kansas City scored the first run in the top of the 4th inning and succeeded in suppressing the baseline. Leading hitter Whit Jr. reached base with an infield hit and then went to second base when Pasquantino grounded in the infield. After one out, Melendez hit home when he hit a double at the right time in the left field. (1-0)

San Diego also launched a counterattack. In the bottom of the 5th inning, there is no runner. Cronenworth hit the 3rd ball with a 2-0 advantage and scored a solo gun that went over the right fence

. Leading batter Whit Jr. walked on base and stole second base. Here, Pasquantino fired a superior two-run four against Darvish to make it 3-1. After one out, Melendez and Garcia tied consecutive doubles and ran away to 4-1. Darvish was eventually beaten here.토스카지노

San Diego made up for the 2 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning and put pressure right away. Leading batter Carpenter’s walk, Kim Ha-seong’s left-handed hit, and Odor’s infield hit took the chance to secure the bases safely. Here, the opposing pitcher balked and third base runner Carpenter homered in. (4-2) Grisham and Nola struck out, but when Bogatz hit the infield, Kim Ha-seong scored and followed with a score of 4-3. However, there was no further reversal and the game eventually ended with Kansas City’s victory.

After pitching 5⅓ innings with 6 hits, 2 walks, 6 strikeouts and 4 runs (4 earned), Darvish suffered his 3rd loss (2 wins) of the season. San Diego singled out nine walks, but lost focus. On the other hand, Kansas City won a valuable victory after mobilizing seven pitchers.

San Diego marked 20-24 and moved to 4th place in the National League (NL) Western Division, being pushed back by the San Francisco Giants (20-23). On the other hand, Kansas City recorded 14 wins and 31 losses. The ranking is still the lowest in the American League Central Division.

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