Why did the Sundogs coach protest so fiercely? Swinging call? First ejection of the season after strong appeal

SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung was sent off for violently protesting a referee’s decision during the game.

The second midweek game of the KBO League between KT and SSG was held at Katie Weeds Park in Suwon on the 2nd. In the eighth inning, SSG manager Kim Won-hyung was ordered to leave the game after appealing the referee’s decision.

The situation started in the bottom of the eighth inning, when KT’s leadoff hitter Kim Sang-soo singled and Kim Won-hyung went on the field to protest the umpire.

SSG reliever Moon Seung-won threw a six-pitch pitch to Kim Sang-soo that was outside the zone, and Kim’s bat followed.

The umpires did not call it a swing. The replay showed that the bat did not turn.

Umpire Choo Pyeong-ho reversed the swing call to the first base umpire, and first baseman Moon Seung-hoon called it a “north swing. However, Kim Won-hyung came out on the field and appealed to the first base umpire Moon Seung-hoon. Kim Won-hyung didn’t understand the umpire’s decision to call the pitch northwing and continued to protest.

As the protest continued, the first base umpire, Moon Seung-hoon, finally gave the ejection order.

Even after the ejection order, Kim Won-hyung was unable to cut the minutes. He took off his sunglasses and approached umpire Moon Seung-hoon to continue his protest. Coach Cho Won-woo stopped him, but he didn’t stop protesting. Kim Won-hyung eventually headed to the dugout, but he couldn’t hide his frustration.

Why did Soon-dong appeal so vehemently that he risked ejection?

Against KT, SSG starter Kim Kwang-hyun gave up a run in the fourth inning, but continued to pitch well for seven innings. The momentum was shifting back to KT in the top of the eighth inning when Ha Jae-hoon struck out swinging with the bases loaded.

If they allowed another run, defeat was certain.

SSG ended the eighth inning without allowing a run, although manager Kim Won-hyung was ejected. However, in the top of the ninth, they were unable to capitalize on a leadoff opportunity and lost 0-1 to KT.

SSG failed to score a run for the second straight day against KT and were blanked. They are scoreless in their last 19 innings. The bats have gone cold in August.

August is a month of intense competition for all teams as the heat wave continues. Teams that lose in August won’t make it to fall baseball. Teams need to beat the heat and defend their position.

After the All-Star break, the league standings were about one in seven for the top two spots, with LG in sole possession of the lead after a six-game winning streak.스포츠토토

Defending champion SSG is in second place, more than four games behind leader LG for the first time this season. The second-place team in the league can’t rest easy either. Doosan is closing in on them, and five-game winning streaking KT is also on the rise. If they let their guard down, they could quickly fall out of the race.

SSG suffered two straight losses in early August in the heatwave.

Not to lose the momentum?

Soondong coach Kim “Won-hyung” Kim was sent off for his first ejection of the season after appealing for more.

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