Why are you mad at Conte?

Richarlisong’s actions in the past did not receive much sympathy.

He joined Tottenham Hotspur this season with a lot of expectations. He also had a lot of experience in the English Premier League (EPL) through Watford and Everton, and proved his worth as Everton’s ‘ace’ last season. Unlike other Brazilians, his foot skills weren’t flashy, but he was very influential in the box, and had a lot of strengths, such as active work and hard work in defense, so manager Antonio Conte believed he would be a great help.

However, his performance was below expectations. Due to his injuries and sluggishness, he could not solidify his position. His influence on the pitch was also small. He seemed to be alive by scoring multiple goals in the first leg of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) group stage against Olympique Marseille, but that was all. He was the only player in 28 games, including the cup, to score in that game. He has not scored a single goal in 20 matches in the league.메이저사이트

He has a bad reputation due to his poor grades, and there were even rumors of a disagreement with the director. In the UCL round of 16 match against AC Milan last time, Richarlison played as a substitute rather than a starter. Richarlison himself was expected to start, thanks to his good performances in the previous matches against West Ham United and Chelsea, but Conte benched him.

This part pissed him off. After the match, he openly shot Conte. After that, the situation seemed to be somewhat resolved. Conte apologized to Richarlison at an official press conference and responded that he understood his position.

As a player, it is natural for everyone to want to play. However, in a situation where the team atmosphere was not good, Richarlison’s action was a hasty judgment.

Fans and officials also couldn’t sympathize with him. Reporter Matt Barlow of the British media ‘Daily Mail’ said: “Richarlison didn’t start in the first two matches against AC Milan and was upset about it. I don’t know why. To be honest, his performance wasn’t good enough to get a start. did,” he said.

“It was disappointing for Richarlison. Arsenal have signed Gabriel Jesus and he is helping Arsenal fight for titles. But things got worse for Tottenham after Richarlison was signed,” he added.

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