Westbrook → Beverly, will the buyout market be different this year?

  • February 13, 2023

In the buyout market this season, there are many players to keep an eye on unlike last year, from Russell Westbrook (34) to Patrick Beverly (34).

The NBA closed the trade market on the 10th (Korean time). The veteran players who joined at this time seek a new team by signing a buyout agreement with the club.

The biggest players in the buyout market last season were Goran Dragic, Andre Drummond (Chicago Bulls) and Jebbon Carter (Milwaukee Bucks). All three are great players. However, the players appearing in this buyout market have a higher name value and a variety of play styles.

On the morning of the 13th, Danny Green opened the door to the buyout market by signing a contract worth 2M dollars (about 2.5 billion won) for one year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. As such, many clubs are rushing to supply veteran players. Accordingly, we looked at potential candidates for a buyout. ■ ‘Mr. Triple Double’ Westbrook, who

won the regular season MVP award once, received the regular season MVP in 2017 and is an active legend selected as one of the 75 greatest players.

He joined Utah at trade deadline as part of a three-way trade involving the Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves. And as Utah proceeds to rebuild, it is expected to part ways with Westbrook.

Accordingly, the Clippers players are showing interest in Westbrook. The Clippers brought in Bonds Hyland in this trade, but they want to add some depth at the point guard position.

Westbrook has lost his scoring explosive power this season, but he’s still averaging 7.5 assists per game. As a result, several clubs, including the Clippers and the Miami Heat, are gaining interest from Westbrook.

■ Scoring point guard

Reggie Jackson (32) has played for the Clippers for the past three years. He is especially proud of his excellent scoring ability, to the extent that he finished second in scoring in his team after Paul George in the last 2021 Western Conference Finals. This season, Jackson has averaged 10.9 points and 3.5 assists in 25.7 minutes played.

Jackson was traded by the Clippers to the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for Mason Plumlee at the trade deadline. Jackson later agreed to a buyout with Denver. The Athletic’s reporter Shams Charania then reported that Jackson was approached by the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns.

■ Steady 3-point shooter

Terrence Ross (32), the father of the Orlando Magic, is also on the buyout list.

He played 42 games this season and played an average of 22.5 minutes, scoring 8 points and scoring 38.1% of 3 points (1.5 successes). He still showed off his perimeter shooting ability and is predicted to be a good fit for a team that needs a 3-point shooter.

■ Another Supermax Contractor, Aiming for a Resurgence

John Wall (32) won the Supermax contract in recognition of his performance with the Washington Wizards. However, Wall’s basketball life, which seemed to be brilliant, began to twist from here. He took two full years off from ruptured his left Achilles tendon to failed heel bone surgery.

Afterwards, Wall agreed to a buyout deal with the Houston Rockets and wanted to make a comeback with the Clippers. However, Wall’s desire to show himself to the Clippers was too great. For the first time since his debut, he lost efficiency by falling below 50% in TS% (3 points + free throw corrected shootie efficiency). Nevertheless, Wall still has the ability to lead, averaging 5.2 assists.

■ Uncomfortable when on the other side, reliable when on the same side

Beverly is an experienced veteran player who has advanced to the playoffs for the past four seasons in a row. 온라인카지노

Beverly focused on leadership and backcourt defense while assisting LeBron James, but he parted ways with the team to replace Thomas Bryant as backup to Anthony Davis. Beverly agreed to a buyout after joining the Orlando Magic.

He has great defense enough to make the All-Defensive team, and his leadership enough to lead Minnesota to the playoffs last season. Beverly’s ability is so great that he can go beyond his bad boy image.

Meanwhile, in addition to the aforementioned players, a variety of other players have already been listed or may be on the buyout market, including Will Barton, Justin Holliday, RJ Hampton, Rion Holmes, Serge Ibaka and Dway Deadman. Therefore, competition in the buyout market this year is expected to be interesting.

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