Weightlifting Son Young-hee “I’m desperate to participate in the Olympics… Competition in good faith with Park Hye-jung”

  • February 14, 2023

Reporter Han Nam-jik = There are two world-class athletes in the Korean women’s weightlifting weight class (over 87kg).

2021 World Championship gold medalist Son Yeong-hee (30, Busan Sports Association) shows off her mature skills, and 2022 World Junior Championships champion Park Hye-jeong (20, Goyang City Hall) wants to grow steadily.

On and off the pitch, the two recognize and respect each other.

However, only one of the two can compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

In weightlifting at the Paris Olympics, the standard weight for women’s heavyweight class was reduced to 81 kg, and the number of athletes from each country was limited to one.

Son Young-hee, whom we met at the Jincheon National Training Center on the 14th, said, “Realistically, the Paris Olympics is the last Olympics I can participate in.” “Hye-jeong is so good that I can’t guarantee a top spot in Korea, but I plan to do my best until the end. Hye-jeong is also the best.” I will do my best,” he said with a bright expression.

The two comforted each other at the 2022 World Championships, where two people per weight class were allowed to compete together.

On December 16 last year, in the women’s over 87kg World Championships held in Bogota, Colombia, Son Young-hee stayed in 5th place with a total of 280kg (snatch 121kg, jerk 159kg).

Park Hye-jung ranked 8th with a total weight of 274 kg (119 kg lift, 155 kg jerk).

At the National Sports Festival in October 2022, Son Young-hee won the general division with a total of 292 kg and Park Hye-jeong won the high school division with a total of 285 kg, so the results of the world championships were more regrettable.

At the 2022 World Championships, Li Won-won (23, China), a gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics and the strongest player in this weight class, took the overwhelming first place with a total of 311 kg.

The fight for second place was fierce.

Emily Campbell (29, England), who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, came in second with a total of 287 kg, and Duangaksorn Chaidi (26, Thailand), who ranked second at the 2021 World Championships, was third with a total of 286 kg.

Although they were sluggish at the World Championships, both Son Young-hee and Park Hye-jeong confirmed that they could win medals at the Olympics if they only displayed their ‘own skills’ by lifting around 290kg in total. 먹튀검증

Son Young-hee said, “Lee Won-won is still good. He is a really great player.”

If you rank ‘domestic first’ in the ranking points of the Paris Olympics, your chances of winning an Olympic medal will greatly increase.

The International Weightlifting Federation made a plan to allocate the right to participate in the Paris Olympics in favor of athletes participating in many events.

Son Young-hee, who left an impressive message after winning the National Sports Festival last year, saying, “Weightlifting begins at 30,” should also consider the distribution of her stamina.

He laughed, saying, “My skills have definitely improved, but recovering my physical strength is definitely more difficult than when I was young.” He laughed and said, “I have to move more strategically than my juniors.

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