‘We can do it!’ Chinfan’s Chin Cheering delivered to Woori Card ahead of the fateful battle of spring volleyball 

Woori Card, which is challenging to solidify ‘Spring Volleyball’, received a valuable gift.

On the 4th, a fan who identified himself as a “Uka (Woori Card) avid fan” sent a coffee truck to Jangchung Gymnasium, where the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League men’s round 6 match between Woori Card and KEPCO was held. This fan said, ‘We can do it because we are us! A cheering message was sent to the Woori Card team with the phrase, “For our dreams without hesitation!” An official from Woori Card said, “I am the first fan to purchase the annual membership ticket sold by the club ahead of this season,” and bowed his head, saying, “I am grateful for the valuable support ahead of a difficult game.” 메이저놀이터

Woori Card (47 points, 16 wins, 16 losses), who ranked third in the men’s division, is one win ahead of KEPCO (47 points, 15 wins, 17 losses). With 4 regular league games remaining, including the game on this day, the gap with 5th place OK Financial Group (42 points) is not large. The Korea Electric Power War is in fact an important game with ‘solidifying spring volleyball’. A struggle is expected against KEPCO, which is inferior to KEPCO with 2 wins and 3 losses in their opponents until the 5th round, but they have no choice but to look to victory. In the midst of this, the support from fans is expected to act as a greater force than anything else.

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