WBC’s top star, Ohtani, why LAA is hiding it in the minor leagues

Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani prepares for the opening game of the Major League Baseball.

According to the official website of Major League Baseball on the 23rd (Korean time), Ohtani finished the thrill of winning the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) in one day on the 22nd and headed straight to the team spring camp in Tempe, Arizona, USA.

Ohtani appeared in 3 games as a pitcher in this tournament and recorded 2 wins, 1 save, ERA of 1.86, and 7 games as a hitter, 10 hits in 23 at-bats (1 home run), 8 RBIs, and a batting average of 0.435 OPS of 1.345. Ohtani was named MVP of the tournament with 9 championship saves in the final against the United States.먹튀검증

Ohtani suffered a lot of fatigue from going back and forth between pitcher and hitter alone in this tournament. As he was the most notable star of the tournament, he received a lot of media and fan exposure. However, Angels coach Phil Nevin assured on the 23rd, “There is no problem with Ohtani’s physical condition. There will be no major disruption to the schedule.”

Now is the time to prepare for the start of the major league season. Ohtani was dropped as the starting pitcher for the season opener against the Oakland Athletics on the 31st from the start of spring camp last month. Because of this, Ohtani originally agreed to pitch as a pitcher only until the quarterfinals, but with the championship in hand, the club allowed him to pitch one inning in the bullpen for the final.

Manager Nevin said, “Ohtani’s pitching in the first inning of the final match was discussed, but I didn’t think the game would end like that,” and looked back on Ohtani’s performance, which saved by 3-2 by 1 point. Regarding the confrontation with Mike Trout after two deaths, he said, “There will be no other sport that creates drama like this.

Ohtani will pitch in a minor league game on the 25th before starting the opening game on the 31st. It was originally expected to be thrown in a major league demonstration game, but according to the website above, the schedule was changed according to the club’s judgment that Ohtani, who has suffered from a lot of attention in the tournament, would be better off throwing in an environment where there is little interest around him.

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