Was the reason for the assault a lie… ‘Punching Baena’ Valverde reported to the police

Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde is being investigated by police for assaulting Villarreal striker Alex Baena. 

On the 9th (Korean time), Real, who had round 28 of La Liga in the 2022-2023 season, lost 2-3 to Villarreal at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain.

The biggest topic after the game was Valverde’s assault. News broke that Valverde punched Baena in the parking lot after the match. Afterwards, Baena getting on the club bus with a serious expression was also caught on the Spanish soccer broadcast ‘El Chiringito’.메이저놀이터

Valverde did not deny the assault, but rather claimed that Baena was responsible. Valverde said he was told to “cry for the four children who will never be born” to Baena in the Copa del Rey round of 16 held in January. At the time, it was reported that Valverde was actually on the verge of miscarrying his second son. 

However, Baena immediately denied this. On his social media (SNS), he refuted Valverde’s claim, saying, “I am very sad because of the attack I suffered after the match. And I was surprised to hear what I said about my personality. It is completely false that I said that.”

In the end, the case of Valverde’s assault is handed over to the police. Villarreal issued an official statement on the 10th and said, “Baena was attacked while on his way to the club bus after the match. The player has decided to report the situation to the police.” .

Valverde has shown that he is not able to suppress his anger well. He has made several dangerous plays, such as making rough tackles when excited. He is notorious in Korea for his rough play towards Lee Kang-in. In the friendly match between Korea and Uruguay held last March, he made a dangerous tackle at the end of the game, raising his eyebrows. At the FIFA U17 World Cup held in Korea in 2017, there was controversy over the ‘eye tearing’ ceremony, an act of racial discrimination against Asians. 

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