Was the FA C grade a trap… 144km lefty, 30% veteran also caught up

 February is already bright. 10 KBO League teams have left spring camp abroad side by side. However, there are free agents who have yet to find their team.

So far, there are a total of four people who have not signed free agents: Kang Ri-ho (33, former Kang Yun-gu), Lee Myung-gi (36), Kwon Hee-dong (33), and Jeong Chan-heon (33). In particular, Kang Ri-ho and Lee Myung-ki feel the cold wind all over their bodies even though they received the C grade, which has a lower compensation standard than Kwon Hee-dong and Jeong Chan-heon, who received the B grade.

According to the FA grading system, C-class players can be recruited as long as they compensate for 150% of the player’s annual salary. There are no reward players. In fact, the main character of this FA market’s first contract is Won Jong-hyun, who headed to Kiwoom, and if it wasn’t for the C grade, the transfer might have been filled with shackles. Prior to last season, it can be seen that Byeong-ho Park was able to transfer to KT and Do-hwan Heo to LG, that the C grade, which has less burden of compensation, is located in the background.

However, ‘grade C happiness’ did not apply to everyone. Kang Ri-ho cited ‘C grade’ as one of the reasons he declared free agency. “I came out with the mindset of ‘If there is a team that needs me, let’s do free agency’,” he said. 메이저사이트

Kang Ri-ho, a fireball player who had covered 150 km in the past, tried hard to regain the speed he had recently lost, but had to be content with reaching the maximum of 144 km. His grades were also affected. He pitched 21 1/3 innings in 29 games last year, posting a 5.48 earned run average. In the end, I did not receive a love call from another team, and I asked Lotte to “release the reservation right after one year” in the offer of a salary freeze, but Lotte did not accept this, so it is still ‘invincible’.

Lee Myeong-gi is a veteran hitter with a career batting average of .307 and 1097 hits. However, Lee Myung-ki, who had a batting average of .260 in 94 games last year with 23 runs batted in without a home run, had difficulty receiving love calls from other teams as his merits in slugging and defense were low. Above all, NC’s strong attitude of “I will not sign a contract” has not changed, so it is still invincible.

Was the C grade a ‘trap’ for them? Of course, there are not a few players who benefited from the implementation of the FA rating system, but it was not unconditionally C-class that the transfer was free and the contract was smooth. Even in the C-class world, the contrast is divided.

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