‘Trade talk’ stress doesn’t cool Ohtani cannon, “62 homers is possible” MLB.com

With the general consensus that the Los Angeles Angels will not trade Shohei Ohtani, the question of whether he can reach 60 home runs for the remainder of the season has become the focus of attention in the second half of the season.

The Angels, who are in the sixth American League (AL) wild-card spot, are just 4.5 games behind the third-place Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto won 6-3 in extra innings on the road against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 25th.

The Angels continue their nine-game road trip on the 26th with games against the Detroit Tigers, Toronto, and the Atlanta Braves. They have until the trade deadline on 2 August – that is, until the three-game series against Toronto – to discuss whether to trade Ohtani. If they believe they are still in playoff contention, they will officially declare “no Ohtani trade”.

However, with trade rumours constantly circulating in the media about him, Ohtani must be feeling stressed. That doesn’t mean the Angels can’t give him a clear “yes” or “no” on a trade. Trades are a sophisticated business that sets the direction of the franchise for the next two to three years.

“Trades are not something I can control,” Ohtani said. I want to focus on the game, the season, and the team’s performance.”

Amidst the stress of the rumours, Ohtani has hit 36 home runs in the 100 games the team has played as of today. Converted to 162 games, that works out to 58.32 homers. If we assume that Ohtani, who has played in 98 games, will play in all 62 remaining games, his projected home run total increases slightly to 58.77. In other words, he could hit 58 or 59.

However, this is just a simple projection using a “proportional” formula and could be different than what actually happens. In 2021, Ohtani still hit 36 home runs by the team’s 100-game mark. However, he only added 10 more in the next 62 games. Predictions and reality are bound to differ.

Of course, he could exceed expectations. Since June, Ohtani has hit 21 homers in 43 games. If you apply that pace to the remaining 62 games, that’s 66.28 homers.

In an article on the same day, MLB.com explored Ohtani’s potential for 60 homers, stating that “26 homers in 62 games is not that special. That’s what Jersey did last year,” and “Ohtani’s career high was 27 homers in a 62-game stretch in 2021. This year, he hit 28 homers in 62 games. Obviously, it’s not an easy number, but it’s not impossible, and he’s done it before.

Ohtani hit 28 home runs in his last 62 games, from 13 May against the Cleveland Cavaliers to 24 May against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

According to MLB.com, there have been 25 instances in history where a team has hit 36 or more home runs in 100 games. Since 1969, there have been 14. New York Yankees Aaron Judge, who set an AL single-season record with 62 homers last year, also hit 39 homers in his team’s first 100 games.온라인바카

Ohtani needs 24 more homers to reach the 60-homer plateau and 26 to tie Judge. However, major league stats site FanGraphs has Ohtani’s projected home run total at 52 to 54.

MLB.com writes, “Given the arithmetic expectations, Fangraphs’ projections, and scarcity, 60 homers is a bit of a stretch. It’s more likely to be in the 50-59 range than 60 or more.” “That said, 26 homers in 62 games is not an unreasonable request. As I emphasised at the time, he has hit 28 in his last 62 games. Haven’t we learnt by now that we shouldn’t assume there’s anything Ohtani can’t do, whether it’s in Anaheim or elsewhere in a new uniform?

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