Three scenes of a professional baseball team leaving for spring camp 

Professional baseball is stretching again. In line with the start of spring camp on February 1, 10 KBO league teams are heading to the field training grounds one after another. On the 29th, KT and Hanwha first left for Arizona, where the spring camp was held, and on the same day, NC, Kiwoom (Arizona), and Doosan (Sydney, Australia) also departed from Incheon International Airport. On the 30th, SSG, KIA, and LG went to Florida and Arizona, USA, and Samsung went to Okinawa, Japan. Lotte will head to Guam, an American territory, from Busan on February 1, the latest among the 10 clubs.

△ The trend is Japan → USA = The most popular place for overseas camps to be held again after 3 years is the USA. As many as seven teams are going to field training in the United States. In the 2010s, Okinawa, Japan, etc. were popular. It is because of the short distance traveled, warm temperature, and many training grounds. It was also easy to schedule a practice game with a domestic team or a Japanese team.

However, the weather was a problem, with rather frequent rain and strong wind. Each club turned its attention to the United States, which has less climate change, is warmer, and has excellent ballpark facilities. America has the best training conditions. There are many baseball fields with more than four baseball fields, so training time can be distributed, and auxiliary facilities including locker rooms and weight training rooms are perfect. 먹튀검증

△ Equipment transportation war = 50 to 60 people participate in overseas camps. A truckload of household items and team/individual training equipment for a large family to use for about a month. Most of the training equipment can be procured locally, but a baseball is a must. This is because the official ball in the American professional baseball major league and the KBO league is different. Each club prepares about 400 boxes of domestic official balls. In addition, treatment equipment such as shock wave therapy device and low frequency stimulation device (ICT), as well as state-of-the-art baseball equipment such as Labsodo (portable ball tracking device) and Edgetronic camera (super slow-motion camera) are all items that must be brought. Players carefully pack their bats, gloves, etc., in large suitcases, excluding personal belongings.

△Stress management is also important = The spring camp lasts about a month. As the training takes place in an unfamiliar land, it is important to rest well. Athletes are fully prepared to enjoy their leisure time. Personal laptops and tablet PCs, which are mainly used for Internet surfing, watching movies or dramas, and simple games, are essential for almost all players. Usually, the camp schedule averages three days of training and one day off. On her days off, she usually enjoys shopping. The Outlet, about two hours away from the campsite, is a popular spot throughout the camp.

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