‘There’s nothing to be ashamed of’→Poor performance and ‘colleagues’ fired with a knife→Beckham, Man United colleague fired by club owner

Phil Neville, 46, head coach of American Major League Soccer side Inter Miami, had a long career at Manchester United. He made his Premier League debut for United as a youth player. He went on to play for United from 1994 to 2005.

MLS Inter Miami owner David Beckham (48) played for four clubs as a youth, including Manchester United and Tottenham. He made his Premier League debut with Manchester United. He played for United from 1992 to 2003.

Beckham and Neville played together for 10 years at United and won numerous trophies. Since then, they haven”t played for the same team anymore.

In 2021, Inter Miami owner Beckham appointed his former teammate Neville as head coach. It was the first time since 2003 that the two had been reunited on the same team as manager and owner in almost 20 years.

However, within two years, Beckham and Neville had a falling out. Beckham, the owner, fired his teammate, the manager. The reason was simple. Poor performance.

The Sun reports that Beckham, a former United teammate, brutally axed Neville following fan outrage. That means he fired him.

Beckham reportedly sacked Neville after fan outrage. On March 31, Inter Miami lost 1-0 to the New York Red Bulls. The result dropped Miami to the bottom of the MLS Eastern Conference.

A day later, Inter Miami announced Neville’s dismissal on social media. The club posted the news on social media with the caption “Thank you Phil Neville” above a black-and-white photo of the former England women’s national team manager.

In fact, Beckham had little choice: Inter Miami fans protested and booed Neville with signs calling for his firing as the team slipped to the bottom of the table. Eventually, Beckham gave in to the fans’ demands and dumped his former teammate.

Neville seemed to be enjoying a moderately successful managerial career in the United States last season, leading the team to the MLS Cup playoffs, but he has struggled this season. Inter Miami has struggled in the Eastern Conference with just five wins.메이저사이트

On social media, Inter Miami announced, “The club has parted ways with Nebiro. The club has also parted ways with coach Jason Kreis.”

With Neville’s dismissal, Hajier Morales will take over as acting head coach. Darren Powell, Sebastian Saha, and Alec Scott will remain with the team.

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