The youngest Golden Ball winner after Messi! Lee Kang-in does that difficult thing!… ‘Maknae hyung’ who was extraordinary from the appearance

Maradona, Messi, Lee Kang-in, etc. won the Golden Ball and emerged as world-class players. Our national team is determined to continue the promotion of the 2019 tournament just before opening the tournament with the first round of the group stage against France on the 23rd. Korea achieved the first runner-up in history beyond recreating the legend of the semifinals of ‘Again 1983’ at the time.

Lee Kang-in, the ‘youngest brother’ who was selected at the age of 2, made a big success with 2 goals and 4 assists, becoming the vanguard of the myth. He was also awarded the Golden Ball as the runner-up, and his true value was recognized in FIFA. At that time, Lee Kang-in made the national team ‘one team’ by demonstrating leadership even though he was 메이저사이트 the youngest as well as a soccer skill of an extraordinary class. He also created numerous famous scenes, such as a dramatic equalizer in the second half of the match against Senegal in the quarterfinals, and an assist for ‘acting facial expressions’ against Ecuador in the quarterfinals. Lee Kang-in’s performance at the U-20 World Cup, which caused the ‘youngest brother’ syndrome, was summarized in <Sports Mug>

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