The ‘Winning Point’ created by the ‘One Point’ server… Jeong Seong-gyu, who shined at the place of victory

Woori Card’s ‘one-point server’ Jung Sung-kyu proved his value by recording a ‘winning point’ in the game.

It was not his standout lead role, but he stood tall as a shining supporting actor by silently doing his best in his position.

Woori Card won a come-from-behind victory over Hyundai Capital with a set score of 3-1 (14-25 25-20 26-24 25-16) in the men’s round 4 home game of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 19th.

Departure was uneasy. He struggled with Hyundai Capital’s strong serve and gave up the first set with a large score difference. The receive efficiency was only 15%.

Our card, which was hit by the serve, changed the mood with the serve. At the center was Jung Sung-kyu.

Jeong Seong-gyu, who came out as a one-point server at the end of the first set and showed off a good sense of serve, produced a decisive scene that gave the team the initiative in the match.

Set score 1-1, 3rd set 24-24 deuce situation. Jung Sung-gyu put on the court in place of Song Hee-chae and prepared a serve.

The first serve for Oreol Camejo (registered name Oreol). It went in sharp, but Oreol held up well. However, Hyundai Capital gave Woori Card an opportunity to attack as the connection process was not smooth, and Riverman Agamez (registered name Agamez) scored a set point.

Jeong Seong-gyu decorated the end with a sub ace. He ended the third set by dropping an exquisite serve that went over the net between Oreol and Jeon Kwangin. Then, he showed off a hot ceremony and made the Jangchung Gymnasium even hotter, where the largest number of spectators (3,273) for the men’s division gathered this season.

Woori Card, who won the 3rd set thanks to Jung Sung-gyu’s performance, continued the momentum and ended the game in the 4th set.

On this day, Jung Sung-kyu’s serve score was only one, but in fact, this score was the winning point that led the team to victory.

Jeong Seong-gyu said, “I entered from an important score, but my role is to change the team atmosphere. Hyundai Capital and Korean Air are good at receiving and defending, so the coach said you should never hit them right.” “I recalled the situation at the end of the third set.

Jeong Seong-gyu, who had a good feeling from practice, said, “I thought I could try today as I went in well from the first serve.” It went well,” he explained.

Jeong Seong-gyu, former Rookie of the Year in the 2019-20 season. He has played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance for the past three seasons, leaving a strong impression on fans with his hot offense and celebrations. 바카라사이트

However, since he joined our card through a trade, he has always been a one-point server. He has not made a single start this season.

Jeong Seong-gyu is determined to be faithful to his role rather than navigating his regrets. He said, “It is true that I am lacking in ability as an outside hitter. I am trying to make up for it, but it is not easy. This season, I am focusing on making use of my strengths. The serve is my strength, so I will go that way.”

Hyundai Capital has the best one-point server in the league, Siwoo Lee. Jeong Seong-gyu couldn’t help but be conscious of this.

He said, “Actually, when I play against Hyundai Capital, I can’t help myself. (Park) Jun-hyeok, who was at Hyundai Capital, also said, ‘Try to beat (Lee) Si-woo today.'” “He showed a laugh.

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