‘The true story of a 50% batting average?’ Ahn Woo-jin Killer’s metamorphosis, removing the tag of a promising prospect

Sang-cheol Moon (32), a future prospect at KT, always makes me anticipate ‘Will this year be different’ at this time of year? Will this year really be different? 

Moon Sang-cheol played as a substitute in an exhibition game against the Doosan Bears in the 2023 KBO League held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 21st, and led the team to a 5-5 draw with 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 2 at-bats. KT avoided defeat by giving up four runs in the seventh inning, behind 1-5. 메이저놀이터

Moon Sang-chul, who started the game from the bench, stepped on the ground with great defense from first baseman Park Byung-ho in the fourth inning, trailing 1-2. And in the first at-bat in the 6th inning, which was trailing 1-4, he reported a 4th double in the demonstration game against pitcher Lee Hyung-beom, who had changed. 

The highlight was the second at-bat. He appeared in the 7th inning with one out and a bases loaded chance, behind 2-5, and hit a timely hit with 2 RBIs, paving the way for a tie. 1B-2S It was an unfavorable count, but Kim Myung-shin’s 4th ball was hit and it was a clean hit. 

Moon Sang-cheol, who played an active role with multiple hits including doubles, raised his batting average in demonstration games to 50% (7 hits in 14 at-bats) from the previous 4.1 7. Currently, the player with the best batting condition in the field team at KT is by far Moon Sang-cheol. 

After the game, Moon Sang-cheol said, “During the spring camp, I tried to intentionally send the batted ball to the right-middle, but during the demonstration game, this part is working well. I am trying to get the timing right by preparing in advance at the plate,” he said. If you try to do well, you become a burden on yourself and your body seems to harden, so you calmly stand at the plate,” he revealed the secret to his success. 

Moon Sang-cheol, who graduated from Bae Myung High School and Korea University, has not been able to take off the tag of a prospect until now, 9 years after the 2014 KT 2nd special 11th nomination. He was more talented than anyone else when he was an amateur, and even after coming to his pro, he bombarded the Futures League every year, but strangely, he didn’t show his ability when he came to the first team. From his predecessors, Cho Beom-hyeon and Kim Jin-wook, to director Lee Kang-cheol, he always expressed doubts about this, but he could not give up his talent.

Sang-Cheol Moon received attention from fans for a long time by playing an active role with a batting average of 50% (3 hits in 6 at-bats), 1 home run and 2 RBIs against Kiwoom’s fastball ace Woo-Jin An. However, he met with other pitchers and was still consistent with poor performance, and his season record was only 2.2 2.4, 2 home runs and 4 RBIs in 28 games. His career record also stands at 287 games batting average, 2.1 8, 17 homers and 65 RBIs.

Moon Sang-cheol, who is aiming for another leap this year, said, “My goal this season is to play my best role so that the missing team members do not feel the void when the opportunity arises.” 

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