The three sophomores who will lead Gunsan High School, Son Hun-chang, Kang Geon, and Wie Seong-woo

  • February 28, 2023

Gunsan High School is in transition. Gunsan High School, which boasted formidable strength with only a small number of elite students, is now increasing its number of available students. In this process, the activity of three sophomores is important.

Gunsan High School often played games with 5 players. Nevertheless, they passed the preliminary round and advanced to the final tournament. This is because, in spite of the small number of people, strong stamina and organizational power were superior to any other team.

One of the problems with a small number of people is that if even one person is injured, a crack occurs in the power. tried to change Gunsan Middle School coach Choi Seung-min took over and increased the number of available staff. This year, students from Gunsan Middle School entered Gunsan High School. Now, many players are sitting on the bench during practice matches.

The skills of first graders are still lacking. Along with 3rd year Kangsan Lee, the 3rd graders Son Heonchang (186cm, F), Kang Geon (185cm, F), and Wie Sung-woo (178cm, G) must stand firm.

On March 14, I met three sophomores from Gunsan High School who are concentrating their efforts on preparing for the spring season National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball League, which opens in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do.

When asked how he is preparing for 2023, Son Heon-chang said, “The team is not complete, so we are practicing mainly on defense and fast attack. The defense is effective to some extent, but the offense is lacking a lot,” he said. “The team must move organically as the pass rotates. Because that doesn’t work, the attack is stiff.”

Jang Geon said, “Our team is shorter than other teams, so we do a lot of team tactical training. In particular, the emphasis is on defense,” he said. I am also getting to know it not long after I changed my position. We need to match each other more.”

Seongwoo Seong-woo said, “As I go to practice games in different regions, the teams are getting along one by one. There were a lot of lower grades, so there were some parts that didn’t suit me at first. I match my hands and feet one by one, so the pattern fits.” These days, coaches praise me saying that I will be able to do well in March because my organizational skills are improving and I am getting along well.”

His motivations asked me to explain what kind of player they are.

Son Heon-chang said, “We are looking at the guard Seong-woo Wi, and he is a good player who is fast and plays hard on defense. Kang Geon is a forward like me, and we are similar in height, but he has a good shot.”

Kang Geon praised his motives, saying, “Son Heon-chang has excellent 1-on-1 ability and is excellent in many aspects, including defense.” “We Seong-woo is good at 1-on-1 like Son Heon-chang, has a passing sense, and is good at 2-on-2 play.” .

Wi Sung-woo said, “Son Heon-chang changes the atmosphere of his team, and he is a 1-on-1 player, so he can easily score goals against any defense. Kang Geon-eun explained, “He is a player who walks the screen well and saves the team because of his good movement without the ball.”

Son Heon-chang is the player with the greatest role and importance in the team, not only responsible for scoring but also defending the bottom of the goal. Son Heon-chang, who seemed to feel burdened because there was only one Lee Kang-san in the third year, said, “It is burdensome because I have to do many things such as rebounding while blocking the back line with Choi Yu-jin.”

Kang Gun, who has more confidence in his shooting ability than the other two players, was asked what he needed to achieve good results this year.

Seongwoo Seong-woo, who has to overcome the opponent’s pressure defense, explained his role by saying, “I look at the point guard, instruct the pattern, break through and take it out.” 토토사이트

Choi Myung-do, a coach at Gunsan High School who took over last year, devoted himself to strengthening the basic physical strength of the players during winter training with the help of former Samsung Life Insurance conditioning coach Kim Ik-gyeom.

Son Hun-chang said, “(After Choi Myeong-do took over as coach), the training method has completely changed, but this is also good.” He said that he felt better than before because he felt that he was not pushed even when he bumped into his older brothers in practice or college.”

Zhang Gun said, “The atmosphere has brightened, and we are free to do what we want to do. I also enjoy playing basketball,” he said.

Seong-Woo Seong-Woo said, “I originally played based on patterns, so I couldn’t do many free offenses, and I refrained from even one-on-one. I like that part because the attack is free,” he said. What’s really good is that since I started that exercise, I’ve gotten much faster than last year.”

Now the first competition of 2023 is not far away.

Heonchang Son said, “I still lack agility, but I’m better than before.” I want to throw a lot of shots and increase the shooting success rate.”

Jang Geon revealed his goal, “I want to reach the quarterfinals, which I have never been to before.”

Seongwoo Wi said, “They say Gunsan High School is weak, but I will change that evaluation.”

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