The shocking naked face of the master of ‘WS Championship’… “He scolded the director and boasted of stealing his sign”

The shocking bare face of Boston manager Alex Cora (48) was revealed through the book of a famous journalist who exposed Houston’s sign-stealing scandal in 2017.

Evan Drelich, who previously belonged to the Boston Herald, a Boston-area magazine, and is now affiliated with the global media The Athletic, recently published a book titled ‘Winning Fixes Everything’. According to the book, which will be released on Valentine’s Day, Coach Cora behaves indifferently to former coach AJ Hinch (49), whom he served as a bench coach in Houston, and is known to have no reflection on stealing his autograph.

Cora, who served as a bench coach during Houston’s World Series victory in 2017, was known to be the ringleader of a scandal involving stealing autographs using an electronic device. At the time, Houston systematically stole the opposing team’s signs through cameras installed in the outfield, video analysis rooms, and prohibited mobile electronic devices. He also knocked on a trash can to deliver his signature to the batter, and this process was revealed in the video sent out, providing conclusive evidence.

Drelich was one of the journalists who brought this to the world in late 2019. Afterwards, the Major League Secretariat issued a one-year suspension for coach Cora, former Houston coach AJ Hinch, and former Houston general manager Jeff Luhnow, and a two-year ban on draft picks in the first and second rounds. Naturally, coach Cora, who led Boston at the time of disciplinary action in 2020, returned to Yain. After a year, he expressed his will of reflection and took over as Boston coach again, which continues to this day. But the inside seems to be different.

Drelich wrote in his autobiography, “Cora would sometimes brag and talk to Boston players all night about the 2017 Houston win,” Drelich wrote in his autobiography. “I knew it was coming. When I first heard about it, an anonymous Boston player said, ‘What the hell does that mean?'” 토토사이트

His uncharacteristic attitude was also revealed, with the support of some key players such as Carlos Beltran on his back. Drelich said, “Cora (he was a bench coach at the time) scolded coach AJ Hinch, who was a year older than him, in the director’s office and raised his voice.”

Also, on the night of September 1, 2017, it was reported that he had an argument with former Houston player and current commentator Jeff Blum on a moving club bus. Around that time, Houston was suffering heavy damage from Hurricane Harvey, and players and club staff were on the phone to check on their families. Drelich said, “But Cora played the music like she didn’t think much of it, and Blum couldn’t stand her behavior.”

Despite these anecdotes, it is thanks to his performance as a manager that he has been on a winning streak so far. Cora took over as Boston manager in 2018 after Houston’s victory in 2017. In his first year in Boston, he won the regular season with a record of 108 wins and 54 losses, followed by the World Series. Even after his return, he has been on a winning streak, posting a record of 362 wins and 286 losses (0.559 win rate) in the regular season and 17 wins and 8 losses in the post season.

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