The rise of the soft tennis ace that everyone was shocked by

  • February 11, 2023

The soft tennis (soft tennis) sign has collapsed. He sprained his left foot while passing the opponent’s ball. He called a nearby ambulance. Fortunately, examinations showed no serious injuries. Both the injured player and the coach who watched it were heartbroken. It happened on the 10th in the quarterfinals of the women’s singles at the 2023 International Soft Tennis Championships held at the Manko Municipal Stadium in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

On this day, Moon Hye-gyeong (26, NH Nonghyup Bank) was injured while playing against Nanami Namioka, a player from Japan Physical Education University. At the moment of her injury, she seemed to be in so much pain that she was in tears. NH Nonghyup Bank director Yoo Young-dong, who was watching this from the stands, turned white. Moon Hye-kyung said that she is not only a team player, but also a national team ace. She is a silver medalist in the team event and mixed doubles at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. From the 26th, as the national selection match is held, if Moon Hye-kyung is seriously injured, her soft tennis team power will also suffer a fatal blow. 토토사이트

This competition was scheduled to be held in 2020, but was postponed due to Corona 19, and the invitational competition was held in three years. If the Hangzhou Asian Games were held in September 2022 as scheduled, domestic unemployed players could also participate without any burden. However, the Asian Games were postponed for a year and the situation was twisted. Furthermore, while the national selection matches are held on hard courts, this tournament is being held on artificial turf. Soft tennis is a court-sensitive sport, so there is a risk of injury if the court is suddenly changed. In the case of the NH Nonghyup Bank team, there was an earnest request from the organizers to participate, and they inevitably participated in this competition in order not to lose faith with Japan. However, the player was injured during the game, so it could not be anything but lightning.

Moon Hye-kyung received a checkup at a nearby hospital and was diagnosed with no abnormalities in her bones. She was initially diagnosed with a slight swelling on the side of her peach bone, but no major injuries. NA Nonghyup Bank plans to receive her MRI and other detailed examinations after her return to Korea. Director Yoo Young-dong, who is also the national team’s coach, said, “I’ll have to go to Korea and see it, but I’m glad I didn’t get hurt too much.”

Meanwhile, NH Nonghyup Bank and the men’s soft tennis team from Daejeon University will complete the tournament by the 12th and return home on the 13th. On the first day of the tournament, Moon Hye-gyeong advanced to the quarterfinals, and in the men’s singles, Lee Moo-yeon (21) advanced to the final of 32. Due to COVID-19, this was her first international competition for Lee Moo-yeon. Lee Moo-yeon said, “I think participating in the competition is a good experience.”

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