“The poster is better…the next boo is yours”… Tottenham fans warn Lloris for defending Sanchez

Tottenham fans’ criticism does not seem to stop at Dabinson Sanchez. 

Tottenham lost 2-3 against Bournemouth in the 31st round of the Premier League on the 16th (Korean time). It was surprising that Bournemouth, who was competing to stay in fourth place, was caught in the back, but it was the excessive criticism and booing from Tottenham fans that drew people’s attention. 

Davinson Sanchez, who was brought in in the 35th minute in place of Clément Lenglet, who was injured during the game, was sluggish throughout the game and suffered the humiliation of being replaced in the 13th minute of the second half.메이저사이트

The problem is that when he was on the ground, Tottenham fans booed him excessively whenever he caught the ball. Even after returning to the bench, Sanchez lowered his head and did not see the game properly. 

After the game, Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris said, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire career. He is a teammate, a friend, a player who has fought for the team for many years. It’s really sad and I don’t want to see it again in football.” He expressed his thoughts on boos. 

However, fans seemed unwilling to stop criticizing the captain’s appeal. Rather, he poured out criticism towards Lloris. 

Spurs Web, a Tottenham fan site, posted an interview with Lloris after the game on social media on the 16th, and fans poured out criticism in comments on this post. 

They say things like, “Let’s put up a poster”, “You’re next (blame)”, “Take Sanchez and you too”, “It’s a disastrous captain”, “You’re the captain, so no reason to tell the players to give more.” There is,” he said, expressing a negative reaction to Lloris’ remarks. 

The reason why Tottenham fans reacted like this is because they have already continued to criticize Lloris from the beginning of this season in addition to Sanchez. 

Lloris played an active role as Tottenham’s gatekeeper until last season, but this season, along with a decline in his ability to save, mistakes often came out and there were games that became the culprit of defeat. So, it seems that when Lloris criticized the booing of Sanchez, the fans continued to criticize Lloris.

However, some fans responded in sympathy with Lloris’ opinion, saying, “Such accusations are shameful,” and “I spoke out as a captain.” 

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