“The perpetrator of the school violence 17 years ago is an active professional baseball player…the homeroom teacher is also abused”

In elementary school 17 years ago, a classmate who is now a professional baseball player was subjected to school violence by a group, and claims were raised that the homeroom teacher, who had to deal with it, abused it closer to harassment.

According to Yonhap News, Park Han-ul (29) recently posted an article on social media and said that in 2006, when he was in the 6th grade of an elementary school in Seocho-gu, Seoul, he was bullied, assaulted, insulted, etc. by Mr. A, who is now a professional baseball player. and demanded an apology.

The perpetrators beat and cursed at the body and face for “lying” or “not being able to play football,” Park said, and chased them on the way home from school and committed violence.

Mr. Park claimed that even the homeroom teacher participated in the violence while suffering from school violence.

He called Park, who said, “I think it would be difficult to do sports activities because I was hit by a friend,” and asked him to take off his pants and underwear and ‘prove his injury’.

During this process, Mr. Park argued that the perpetrators drove the atmosphere by saying that Mr. Park was lying.크크크벳

Mr. Park wrote, “Since that day, when exposed to violent situations, I have suffered trauma, such as shaking one leg, and my academic performance has declined day by day.” “Can violence be justified because I lied?”

On April 27, he filed a complaint with the People’s Sinmungo to investigate the homeroom teacher for child abuse and sexual harassment.

The Bangbae Police Station in Seoul, which took over this complaint, plans to review whether Park’s claim is true or whether a criminal charge is established.

In a phone call with Yonhap News on the 4th, Mr. Park said, “I tried to overcome my memory by receiving counseling and drug treatment, but the wounds in my heart have not healed until now, nearly 17 years later.” I wanted to set a precedent for recovery,” he said.

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