The King of Daepak, ‘Sejingya’ has already scored 2 goals… 1st in the league in shooting and receiving fouls

Sejingya, who has already scored the second goal of the season with the goal that determines Daegu FC’s first league win,  is making eye-catching records in detailed indicators. Sejingya, who 

accumulated 3 attack points with 2 points and 1 assist,  was named in the joint 2nd place group in the attack point category following Gwangju Asani, and   was also selected as the game MVP and best 11 once each. In addition to the attack point, which is a tangible achievement, Cezinha  played full-time in the previous three games during the four games since the opening of the league  , and scored 12 shots in four games as a substitute in the second half of the last Jeonbuk match,  the most shots in the league with Daejeon Thiago.  He is also a player who tried. Cesingya, who is under intense check from the opposing defenses,  is also ranked first in the league with 12 fouls  . Regarding Sejingya, who  is leading the upward trend by playing an active role as the team captain  even when he is not in normal condition due to an adductor muscle injury , after the last Jeonbuk match, coach Choi Won-kwon  volunteered to participate despite the injury, saying, “I think it is disqualification as a leader because I have played even though I have an injury.”  He added that he hopes that Jingya’s heart will become Daegu’s DNA  . Focusing on injury recovery through A-match break  메이저놀이터

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