‘The Great Crisis’ hits No. 1 for 4 weeks…the real test is coming

An ominous premonition has come true. Guillermo Heredia, the team’s top hitter, went down with an injury. He’s out for four weeks, and the team’s biggest crisis just hit.

SSG Landers removed Heredia from the first-team roster on April 4 against the Busan Lotte Giants. Instead, outfielder Lee Jung-bum was called up from the second team. This was due to Heredia’s injury. Heredia started the game against the KT Wiz in Suwon a day earlier, batting fourth and playing left field as usual. However, after batting second in the top of the fourth inning and even defending in the bottom of the fourth inning, he was abruptly replaced in the bottom of the fifth inning. Ha Jae-hoon came in as the left fielder and played two at-bats.

The reason for the substitution turned out to be an injury. Heredia felt discomfort in the front of his thigh while batting and running, and was unable to continue. After a medical examination, he was diagnosed with a sprain of the front muscle of his left thigh (iliopsoas). It’s an injury that will take about four weeks to recover from.

A blow. Heredia is the best batting average in the league through four days. He’s just ahead of Son Asub (NC) at 3.332. Individual titles aside, there is a huge hole in the offense without Heredia right now. SSG suffered one of their worst offensive outings of the season in the midweek three-game series against KT, scoring just one point in three games, resulting in a series sweep. Fortunately, against Lotte on the 4th, even without Heredia, they managed to put together a strong offensive performance to win 4-1 and snap the losing streak. However, no one is sure what’s next. The team’s batting form hasn’t been great lately, and with more losses than wins, the pressure to win is even greater. Adding Heredia to the mix would leave the middle order even more vulnerable.

On top of that, his absence is long. Heredia missed a few games in the first half of the season after suffering a minor wrist injury while carrying a bag, and he was also sidelined for a while due to issues with his US citizenship. But four weeks to recover is another matter. It’s hard to train properly during the rehabilitation period because the injury is in the thigh. Even if she recovers, she will need additional time to rebuild her body and regain match fitness. If that happens, Heredia might not return until mid-September.

The battle for the top spot is already in full swing. SSG is gunning for the top spot, but the gap between them and the LG Twins has already widened. Even second place isn’t safe with KT nipping at their heels.스포츠토토

However, there is no clear alternative. Heredia’s place will have to be filled by the remaining players. August is the real battle for the top spot on every commander’s mind. For SSG, it’s the worst possible time to go on an offensive drive. It’s a true test.

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