‘The Birth of Irving-Kawai-George Big 3?’ LAC, quickly emerged as a candidate for the lead role in the Irving drama

The Clippers are looking to sign Irving.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 5th (Korean time) that the Los Angeles Clippers participated in trade negotiations to sign Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets. 

Kyrie Irving is heating up the NBA again. Irving, who recently disagreed with Brooklyn over a contract extension, requested a trade from the team. Brooklyn also decided to trade Irving.

As there is no room for disagreement with his skills, many teams such as Phoenix, Dallas, and Lakers are being cited as destinations for Irving. In particular, the Lakers with LeBron James was the most influential situation. According to ESPN, Lebron, who collaborated with Irving to win the championship in Cleveland, is known to strongly support his recruitment.

In a situation where the direction was not easily known, another team emerged on the surface of the Irving drama on the 5th. The Lakers’ LA rivals are the Clippers. Coach Turren Lu, who is the head coach of the Clippers, has worked together with Irving in Cleveland. 

The Clippers, with Kawhi Leonard returning from a cruciate ligament injury this season, were considered strong contenders for the championship. However, so far it has not shown the power as expected. The Clippers, who are lacking to challenge for a championship, went 29-26 in their first 55 games of the season.

The Clippers’ biggest weakness right now is their backcourt. Neither former starting point guard Reggie Jackson nor newly acquired John Wall are showing their full potential. Terrence Mann has been a point guard temporarily, but it’s hard to see it as a long-term alternative. 

If Irving joins the Clippers, who are struggling with guarding issues, the final puzzle will be solved. If the Big 3 leading to Irving, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George are built, the Clippers could rise to the top of the championship list at once. In particular, Irving and Leonard are players who have had great success in the finals.  바카라

However, the key is how many resources the Clippers can inject in return for Irving. The Clippers have already used a significant number of future draft picks in the process of acquiring George. 

Brooklyn has an idea to maintain the winnow stance while trading Irving. In order for the Clippers to sign Irving, the thick swingman line, which is their greatest strength, may become thin. Both Leonard and George are players with health issues, so they may be reluctant to thin their depth. 

Will the Clippers take the risk and recruit Irving to spur their presidential challenge? The Athletic also reported that the Clippers made a strong offer for Irving to Brooklyn. 

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