“Thanks to you, we made it to the finals” Shin Yubin-Jeon Hee Shin’s camaraderie shines as brightly as their talent

Korean Air’s Shin Yoo-bin and Jeon Jeon-hee (Mirae Asset Securities) have won a silver medal at the 2023 International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Individual World Championships. The duo lost 0-3 in straight sets to China’s Wang Yidi and Chen Meng in the women’s doubles final on the eighth day of competition in Durban, South Africa, on Sunday (Nov. 27). It was the first time in 36 years since Yang Young-ja and Hyun Jung-hwa at the 1987 New Delhi Games that the Korean duo reached the women’s doubles final and attempted to win the title, but they had to settle for the silver medal. Here’s what the duo had to say afterward.

-How do you feel after this tournament?

Shin Yubin: If it weren’t for my sister, I wouldn’t have been able to experience a World Championship final like this, so it’s great to be able to experience such a big stage thanks to her, and we’ve been working together since then, so even though this result is disappointing, I’m happy that we got the medal we wanted. I think she created an unforgettable moment for me.

Jeon Jeon-hee: I thought I was here because of Yoo Bin, and it feels like a dream to be in the final, and I think we did a good job, even though we were technically disappointed.

-You were up by three points in the second and third sets before being overturned. What went well and what you felt was lacking in the overturning process?

Shin Yubin: First of all, since we played the Chinese player yesterday, I expected us to come in more prepared, but I think we were behind in terms of tactics, and I think we should have reacted faster, but we were a beat too late.

Jeon Jeon-hee: I think it was the first time we played against them, and they analyzed our game yesterday. We felt that they didn’t let us do what we were good at. We had a winning point, but point by point, our game plan worked. We didn’t think we couldn’t play. We realized that they had more skills and more ideas than we did.

-Still, you must be proud that you reached the final after 36 years in women’s doubles and won a silver medal.

Shin Yubin : That’s great, but I think I’m most disappointed that we lost this match.

Jeon Jeon-hee: I really felt that the Korean women’s team improved a lot because of Yoo Bin. Some of the old seniors did well, but overall, there weren’t many all-arounders. There were a lot of styles, and I think Yoo Bin is creating a different path for Korean women’s table tennis now. From my point of view, it seems that Yoo Bin has a lot of responsibility because of her future role, and everyone hopes that Yoo Bin will come out in all the games and the whole country will expect a lot, and I thought she was good because she is also good at practicing, so I hope that we will make it well together like the Asian Games and the Championships this year, but it is also very good to see Yoo Bin working hard.

-Two years ago, I had to withdraw due to injury and didn’t play a single women’s doubles match, but this time I finished. I’m sure it will be a special feeling for both of you.

Shin Yubin: I was once injured at this World Championships the year before last… Ha… This is it… (sighs and tears up)

Jeon Jeonhee: It’s okay. Even through that, days like this come. As an athlete, injuries are the biggest. I was out of shape for two years, and I couldn’t even play sports because of injuries, and I was old, so my team coach and the national team coach were very considerate. When we reinforced, we were told to reinforce and not look away, but Yoo Bin’s role was too heavy. It seemed like he was enduring a lot. She was practicing from dawn to dusk, but after Thailand, she got an injection, and I got a bad knee in Thailand, so we weren’t in the best shape, but as you know, when you get an injection, you have to rest. I know as a player because I have a world championship coming up. Injuries are really my biggest enemy.메이저사이트

-Finally, what are your plans for the Asian Games?

Jeon Jeon-hee: We will try to find out what we are lacking compared to the Olympic champions and world champions through today’s match, so that we can practice well and have a good game.

Shin Yubin: Now I can go to the Asian Games with my sister again, but this time I have played with two Chinese teams, so I will analyze more and work hard with my sister to achieve better results.

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