“‘Tesla owner’ Musk monitors the takeover of Man Utd… 240 trillion rich jump” 

  • February 13, 2023

 Tesla founder Elon Musk is expected to emerge as a new dark horse before taking over Manchester United.

Reports have emerged that he is considering an M&A deal with Manchester United, which has been put up for sale.

The UK’s Daily Mail introduced on the 13th that “Musk, the owner of Tesla and Twitter, is watching the current situation of Manchester United,” and “It will be difficult for him to endure the opportunity to buy Manchester United for 4.5 billion pounds (about 7 trillion won).” .

“We understand that Musk is interested in a Man United bid,” he added. 토토사이트

Musk, who grew Tesla into a world-class electric vehicle company, gained wealth and fame at once, and became a global celebrity, was born in South Africa and is known to be interested in soccer.

In fact, he surprised the football world by revealing on Twitter in August of last year, “I will take over Man United.” His tweets immediately jumped Manchester United’s share price by 17%.

Shortly thereafter, he corrected, “This is an old joke on Twitter,” which met with outcry but was a sign that Musk might one day own a big club.

Musk was also mentioned as a potential candidate when Liverpool revealed their move to sell last year.

Musk also watched the World Cup final match between Argentina and France held in Doha, Qatar on December 19 last year from a VIP seat.

If Musk participates in the takeover battle in earnest, the value of Man United, which enjoys the world’s most popular, is expected to rise further. The Qatari royal family has already shown a strong interest in Manchester United, and the competition is in full swing.

Despite Tesla’s share price plummeting by more than half from its peak, Musk’s fortune is estimated to be around 240 trillion won, according to the Daily Mail.

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