‘Storm bolster’ Busan adds ‘2023 U20 quarter-finalist’ Kang Sang-yoon + former AJU player Choi Dong-ryul

Busan I-Park has signed midfielder Kang Sang-yoon, who has represented Jeonbuk Hyundai at age-group level, and defender Choi Dong-ryul, who played at Ajou University.

Kang Sang-yoon, a midfielder born in 2004 who joined Busan on loan, is known for his excellent defence and passing along with his high work rate. A former Jeonbuk youth player, he helped Youngsang High School win tournaments such as the Presidential Geumbae (2020) and the National High School Football League Wangjoongwangjeon (2021).

Kang Sang-yoon is another promising youngster who has been consistently called up to the national team at every age group from the U-14s. Since last year, he has made a number of appearances for Kim Eun-jung-ho, and along with Choi Ye-hoon, he was a key part of Korea’s quarter-final run at the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Having been coached by Park Jin-seop and Yoo Kyung-ryul at the Jeonbuk Hyundai B team, Kang is expected to fill the void left by Kwon Hyuk-gyu’s recent move to Celtic.

“I’m changing teams for the first time and I’m looking forward to learning a lot, enjoying myself and growing,” said Kang. “It’s the middle of the season, but as a Busan I-Park player, I have a sense of belonging and responsibility, and I’ll try to help us get promoted.”

Choi Dong-ryul, also born in 2004, entered Ajou University this year and has been playing as a main defender. He helped Ajou University reach the final of the 18th Baekdu Daeganggi 1-2 University Football League and finish first in the 2023 U-League Region 4.

Choi has excellent man-to-man pressing and defensive covering abilities, as well as fast-paced passing to the front. Although he is most often seen at centre-back, he is also an all-rounder who can play on the flanks and in midfield.카지노

“I’m happy to come to Busan, a prestigious team, and I want to work hard and contribute to the promotion,” said Choi Dong-ryul, who mentioned that he still hasn’t felt the reality of joining Busan right after the Baekdu Daeganggi tournament. “I had offers from several teams, but since I came to Busan, I will prove that this choice was right with my performance.”

Meanwhile, Busan will host Anyang at home on Monday, the 24th, looking to turn things around with a win.

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