“Stealing money from players, fire them”… 18-year-old furious with Manchester United FW agent

English Premier League defender Paul Parker, who has played for Manchester United, was furious with Manchester United’s 18-year-old star striker Alejandro Garnacho’s agent.

Garnacho is an expected attacking resource at Manchester United. Recently, Manchester United offered Garnacho an eight-year contract. Garnacho, however, disagrees. He is linked to Real Madrid and Juventus. 메이저사이트

Accordingly, Parker judged that it was an agent’s trick. He urged Garnacho to fire his agent immediately.

Parker told Britain’s ‘Mirror’: “I don’t understand why Garnacho wants to leave the best club in the world. He wants to go to Real Madrid or Juventus? “Real Madrid is a big club, of course, but if you go there you will play a lot less games than you would at Manchester United.”

His anger was directed at the agent. “I think these transfer rumors are nonsensical, and I don’t think they’re true. The agent is putting pressure on him. Garnacho is trying to get him a big deal so the agent can make a lot of money,” he criticized.

“Agents who do this kind of thing should be fired by Garnacho right away,” Parker said. did.

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