Spellman went crazy, Byun Jun-hyung and Oh Se-geun’s sense of stability, Hyundai Mobis’ Prim’s struggle was not enough

  • February 11, 2023

KGC Omari Spellman went crazy again. He is leading the team step by step to win the regular game.

Spellman made a big success with 27 points and 14 rebounds, including five 3-pointers, in 36 minutes and 40 seconds. Unlike his size, he prefers outside attacks, but once it explodes, the uncontrollable explosive power is terrifying. At the same time, he focuses on rebounding and defending under the goal, adding substance. 안전놀이터

Oh Se-geun added 17 points. Considering the strong transition unique to Hyundai Mobis, he only ran 18 minutes and 23 seconds, but his productivity was considerable. Moon Seong-gon made up for the lack of supply with 7 rebounds. Byun Jun-hyung perfectly commanded them with 18 points and 9 assists.

For Hyundai Mobis, Gage Prim played a big role with 24 points and 17 rebounds. Lee Woo-seok scored 14 points and Kim Tae-wan scored 12 points, but could not overcome KGC’s strong set offense. Ronjay Avarientos only had 10 points and a 30% field goal success rate.

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation beat Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus 95-83 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Round 5 home game held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 11th. 7 wins in a row He took the lead with 30 wins and 11 losses. Hyundai Mobis is in 4th place with 24 wins and 17 losses.

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