‘Son of Daejeon’ Hwang In-beom, who couldn’t laugh in Daejeon “It rained a lot… , It’s unfortunate and I’m sorry” [

“Many people came to visit us despite the heavy rain… . I feel sad and sorry.”

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, failed to win after a 1-1 draw against El Salvador held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 20th.

It is a draw in four consecutive matches, including Colombia (2-2) and Uruguay (1-2) in March, and Peru (0-1) and El Salvador (1-1) in June. Manager Klinsman had to postpone his first win until September.

‘Son of Daejeon’ Hwang In-beom also couldn’t laugh. He showed a threatening appearance, such as starting the day and recording a wonderful left-footed shot just before the end of the first half, but bowed his head with a draw.

In the mixed zone after the match, Hwang In-beom said, “The most unfortunate and apologetic thing is that many people came to the stadium despite the heavy rain in Busan and Daejeon. You supported me until the end, but I feel very sorry that I couldn’t repay you for it.”

At the time of introducing the lineup before the game, the announcer gave meaning to Hwang In-beom by calling him ‘the son of Daejeon’. And Hwang In-beom was also an A match in Daejeon, so he did not hide that he wanted to win more.

Hwang In-beom said, “I didn’t hear (about being called the son of Daejeon). Every time I come to Daejeon, many people welcome me. Thank you so much. Following last year, the match was played at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium this year as well. So I wanted to win more. I tried hard, but I am very sorry that I could not bring results. If I have another chance in Daejeon next time, I want to show a better image and give the citizens of Daejeon a smile.”

Korea has not won in four games since Klinsman took over. The four games without a win after the appointment of a foreign coach is the most ever. The situation needs a change of atmosphere ahead of the Asian Cup. But don’t forget to diagnose the problem as well.

Hwang In-beom said, “If the period of not winning is prolonged, not only the national team but also the club will feel burdened. However, rather than being impatient or unruly, you have to build up your body well as there are three months until the September expedition. I am always thinking about how to do better soccer in the national team. (Klinsman) Both coaches and coaches tell us the direction to improve through analysis. Everyone has to make it work together,” he said.

The last crown prince of Bentuho was Hwang In-beom. He has accumulated a lot of experience as a national representative and has now become an irreplaceable existence. He was also the player who best understood Bento’s football. Then, what is the difference between Hwang In-beom’s view of Bento and coach Klinsman’s soccer?

Hwang In-bum said, “It doesn’t seem that his team or national team and what he wants to do in modern football are very different. It is natural that there are differences in tactical details, but the coach wants us to go a little more aggressive. Wherever he is, he wants to move forward as far as possible. I think this time, there was a part that was lacking, so I couldn’t bring results. If we keep getting the details right as we move forward in September, October and November, I think we will win our first win and become a better team.”

Hwang In-beom, who joined the national team immediately after the 2022-23 season was not able to rest properly. He will now take a short break ahead of the 2023-24 season.메이저사이트

Hwang In-beom said, “I played two games in a month after the May game. He couldn’t rest for a month. He prepared for the convocation of the national team, but it was not easy to raise the sense of the game. He was better than against Peru, but against El Salvador, too, he lacked a lot. I’ll take a break and think about it. He plans to take a week off. As the pre-season begins right away, he hopes to prepare well for the next season by filling in the missing parts well before returning to his team.”

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