Son Heung-min International Youth Friendly Football Tournament a month away… Son Heung-min’s visit to Chuncheon?

Son Heung-min’s visit to Chuncheon, Gangwon-do is attracting attention as the international youth friendly soccer tournament approaches in a month.

According to Chuncheon City on the 7th, the city will hold the Son Heung-min International Youth Football Championship at Son Heung-min Sports Park located in Dong-myeon, Chuncheon from June 7 to 10. A total of 12 teams, 3 domestic and 9 overseas teams, will participate in the four-day event.

The city is in constant contact with Son Academy for Son Heung-min’s visit. In particular, this year, unlike last year, we are looking forward to the possibility of Son Heung-min attending. The city is looking forward to Son Heung-min’s attendance at the welcome event held at City Hall Plaza on the 8th of next month, but it has not yet been confirmed.

Previously, a city official met coach Son Woong-jeong in Chuncheon during the Korean national soccer team evaluation match held in March and coordinated Son Heung-min’s attendance schedule. However, it was reported that the date of the visit to Chuncheon could not be confirmed because Son Heung-min’s schedule was not confirmed.

Last year, the city coordinated the schedule with Son Academy to invite Son Heung-min in time for the Son Heung-min International Youth Football Championship. However, Son Heung-min replaced it with a congratulatory video as it was impossible to attend due to schedule.

In addition, Chuncheon City will begin full-fledged publicity through street banners from next week to revitalize the competition, which is approaching in a month.

An official from the city said, “We are currently coordinating the schedule with Son Academy so that Son Heung-min can attend this year’s competition.”메이저놀이터

Son Heung-min attended Gasan Elementary School, Buan Elementary School, Hupyeong Middle School in Chuncheon, and Yukmingwan Middle School in Wonju before transferring to Seoul.

Since then, he has grown into a world-class soccer star at Tottenham through Hamburg and Leverkusen clubs. Last year, he participated in the World Cup in Qatar as the captain of the Taegeuk Warriors and helped Korea reach the round of 16 for the first time in 12 years since the 2010 South Africa tournament.

In addition, through the hometown love donation system implemented this year, he showed affection for his hometown by donating 5 million won, the highest donation amount to Chuncheon City.

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