Son Heung-min added assistant, Dyer was omitted… Tottenham’s new predicted list

Tottenham Hotspur may see a change in the lineup next season under a new manager.

Arne Slott has emerged as a candidate for Tottenham’s new manager. England’s ‘Football London’ reported that Slot had emerged as a candidate for Tottenham’s next manager, and that Daniel Levy had conveyed what he wanted to manager Slot. Slot, who is currently managing Feyenotre, is expected to take up the post at Tottenham after the season is over.

Manager Slot prefers a formation based on the back four. It’s different from Tottenham’s tactic, which has been using three players in defense for years. It is expected that if manager Slot takes office at Tottenham, there will be changes in team tactics and formation as well as in the composition of players. ‘Football London’ predicted players who would receive a starting opportunity under manager Slot, saying that Slot preferred a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation.

If there are players in existing Tottenham, players to return from the lease and players to be newly recruited were expected and added to the list.

The media predicted that Ben Davies (Destiny Udozi), newly joined center back, Christian Romero, and Emerson (Pedro Poro) would form the defense as the defense changed to four. He pointed out that Rodrigo Bentancur and Yves Bisuma will be placed in the defensive midfielder positions, and Son Heung-min and Dejan Kulusevski in the second line, as well as newly recruited offensive midfielders. Kane’s stay was expected at the forefront.메이저사이트

At the same time, ‘Football London’ said that James Madison would be suitable for the new midfield position. The media said, “Madison will be an ideal player to play the role the coach wants under coach Slot. Madison’s aggressive nature is expected to be of great help to other players. Kane will come down in place of Madison, and There is also a way for Charlison to be at the forefront.”

It is also noteworthy that Eric Dier, who was responsible for Tottenham’s defense for a long time, was missing. Dyer has been responsible for the team’s defense for a long time, but he has been pointed out as the culprit of Tottenham’s defensive anxiety by performing a horror show every time. He is expected to be pushed out if he has the right signings.

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