SON Did you hide the hernia? Local fandom kicks in “Selfish” vs “I can’t help it”

Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-min has confessed to playing through hernia pain. Fans in England were divided on the news.

“Tottenham ace Son Heung-min has confessed that he had to play through hernia pain all last season,” British media outlet The Mirror reported on March 15 (KST).

After the season ended, Son returned to Korea to play A-match digestion and joined the national team. In an interview with Korean media, he said, “I thought a lot about whether I should share this. I suffered a lot throughout the season. After eight or nine months, I couldn’t do it anymore, so I finally had surgery.”

The Mirror added: ‘The news goes some way to explaining why Son struggled so much last season. He scored just one goal in his first 18 games after the league started,” the Mirror pointed out.

Heung-min was the Premier League’s top scorer in the 2021-2022 season with 23 goals. In 2022-2023, his tally halved to 10 goals. It’s an understandable slump if he was playing through injury pain.

But it’s debatable. As a professional athlete, your health is an asset. It”s hard to avoid the point that it”s better to play when you”re well rested and at your best. British fans had mixed feelings about this.

They took to social media to argue. One fan wrote: ‘Wasted time in his position. He should have just rested for the good of the team. Another wrote: “Selfish. He was walking around because he was afraid of losing his place,” another criticized.메이저사이트

Then I said, “All athletes think like this. It doesn’t make sense to criticize Son Heung-min. However, the team’s staff should have realized this and given a chance to Heung-min or Danjuma,” he retorted.

Or, “Heung-min needed a break after the World Cup, but both Jesus and Kluczewski were injured. They must have forgotten that Son came off the bench and scored a hat trick.” In Son’s defense.

In the end, the consensus was that the club was at fault.

Another fan wrote: “As a professional player, I’m not surprised by the decision. I can understand it. But the club management and coaching staff were inconsiderate. It’s shocking. They should have addressed the long-term issues.

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