Soccer fans ‘excited’ at Kim Min-jae’s remarks… “Messi and Ronaldo are serious about the national team”

The remarks of national football team defender Kim Min-jae created a big wave.

Kim Min-jae made a meaningful remark after the evaluation match against Uruguay (1-2 loss) at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th.

He said, “It is difficult. He is mentally very broken. for now… , I plan to focus only on my team, not for the time being.” It is read as meaning that he will refuse to call up the national team.

To the additional question, “Is it difficult because of the recent transfer rumors,” he said, “No. It’s just football-wise and it’s tough physically. He wants to focus on his team rather than the national team.” Kim Min-jae said, “It has not been coordinated with the Football Association yet. We are talking,” he added, then left the arena. 온라인바카라

Regarding this, some interpreted that Kim Min-jae made a comment on the retirement of his national team. However, this seems to be an overexaggeration. Kim Min-jae was born in November 1996 and is still only 26 years old. He’s in his prime as a player a few years from now. He rarely leaves the national team on his own in his mid-twenties without any special reason, such as a major injury or conflict with the manager. Since Kim Min-jae did not clarify the reason for his remarks, there can be various assumptions, but it would be a reasonable interpretation to see that he expressed his desire to avoid being called up to the national team for a while until he recovers physically and mentally.

In fact, in an interview conducted prior to Uruguay, Kim Min-jae said, “My goal is to come to the national team without injury and play an active part. It is important to maintain well because if you have an injury or cannot maintain your skills, you will not be given a chance in the national team. I want to play the game as long as my body can do it,” he said, expressing his affection for the national team.

However, it seems difficult to avoid criticism that it is a careless remark even if it is poorly expressed and the true intention is conveyed incorrectly.

Many soccer fans poured out criticism of Kim Min-jae through related communities. There are many bitter voices that remind us of the sacrifices of seniors such as Park Ji-sung and Ki Sung-yong, who were sincere with the national team, and contrast with the attitude of superstars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are close to retirement, who are still passionate about the national team.

Nevertheless, most soccer fans predicted that this would end in an incident. “I made a mistake in a difficult situation. It’s a problem that can be solved by lowering your head saying, “I’m sorry.”

Minjae departed through Incheon Airport on the morning of the 29th to return to his team. There was no explanation for his comments the day before.

It remains to be seen how Kim Min-jae will deal with this situation.

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