Small-bones ‘newbie’… New team Cheonan coach Park Nam-yeol “Go back a long way and come here”

Reporter Lee Eui-jin = “(Before I came to the professional team coach) I went a long way. I prepared a lot.”

Director Park Nam-yeol of Cheonan City FC, who is newly added to the 2023 professional football K-League 2, is a soccer leader with thick bones.

After finishing his playing career, he walked the path of his coach since 2004.

This is the first time he has taken the lead of a professional soccer team in his 20-year career as a coach.

Last year, he was selected by Cheonan, a new professional club, while working as a coach for the semi-pro K3 League Changwon City Hall soccer team.

Coach Park said at the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held at Parev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 8th, “I am looking forward to how well our team will do as a new team in the new season. This season is also a test for ourselves.” .

At the same time, he said, “Through my coaching life, I learned the part that the coach does not feel. I think I will be able to start well by knowing that coaches are also in an equal position to work together.”

Before coming to Cheonan, he was well known as a women’s football coach.

In 2009, he won the WK League three times as the coach of Goyang Bridge, a women’s unemployment soccer team, and also coached the women’s national team.

Coach Park was confident that this experience would also help him lead the men’s professional team.

He explained, “There are many prejudices about women’s soccer and men’s soccer, but it is certain that the strengths are different.”

He added, “I learned details through my life as a women’s soccer coach. Also, since female players are different from male players, I gained a lot in terms of communication.”

Coach Park, who is taking his first steps on the stage as a professional coach, unfortunately met Seongnam FC, who played a key role during his active career, as an enemy.

Coach Park, who entered the professional league at Ilhwa (now Seongnam FC) in 1993, was a star player with 40 goals and 24 assists in 247 games until he moved to Suwon in 2003.

Coach Park said, “It’s a new feeling. In fact, I wanted to be the first (professional) coach in Seongnam.”

Coach Park chose ‘build-up’ as the keyword for Cheonan football.

He said, “I’m thinking about playing pass soccer. I’m trying to play a clean game through the build-up process.” said. 바카라

He continued, “Now the players are competing. In the winter training in Thailand, we put our heart and soul into physical strength and tactics, and when we came to Jeju, we are proceeding with the jade through actual matches.”

Coach Park, who competes with 12 teams, said, “The goal is to rank in single digits. All teams are rivals. We have prepared to reach a high place.”

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