‘Sex scandal’ Former Japanese national team shortstop, hits only in 23 at-bats on the date of benefactor… Resurrection green light

From the sex scandal to the sluggishness.

Hayato Sakamoto (34, Yomiuri), the former main shortstop of the Japanese baseball team, who went through total difficulties, had to shoot a resurrection gun on the anniversary of his benefactor.

Although he suffered double trouble with his reputation dropping and poor grades, he was able to regain his energy by hitting a home run that signaled a revival.메이저놀이터

On the 8th, Sakamoto played as a shortstop, batting 6 against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp in Hiroshima, and posted 2 hits, 1 RBI and 1 run in 4 at-bats including a home run.

This is Sakamoto, who had recorded no hits in 19 at-bats before this game. On this day, he did not hit until the second at-bat.

However, in his third at-bat, he hit a solo home run in mid-month against opposing starter Dokoda, who was fighting hard. He then scored a multi-hit in his last at-bat as well.

Sakamoto’s slump began last year.

Due to injuries and sluggishness, he only posted a batting average of 0.286, 5 homers and 33 RBIs. He was also eliminated from the national team selection, which was taken for granted, and the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) trip was missed.

Before the start of this season, he was embroiled in a sexual scandal for allegedly urging a woman he was dating to have an abortion, and his prestige plummeted.

It was an incident with such a great ripple effect that even Yomiuri, where the media can be controlled, could not stop it.

Here, it has been in extreme sluggishness this season. It was hard to see a hit, let alone a home run.

However, he prepared an opportunity to survive with the match against Hiroshima on the 8th.

Modifying the batting form led to good results. He modified his batting form by holding his center of gravity high and taking his stance, and he hit a home run on the first day.

In particular, this day was significant in that it was the anniversary of former coach Kimura, who could be said to be Sakamoto’s benefactor.

Coach Kimura gave a lot of advice to Sakamoto, a rookie he met ahead of retirement, and helped him establish himself as the starting shortstop.

Sakamoto was so deeply blessed that he lived with the words, “If it weren’t for Kimura-senpai, he wouldn’t have become Yomiuri’s starting shortstop so quickly.”

After retiring in 2009, Coach Kimura passed away on April 8 after collapsing in 2010 while serving as Yomiuri’s defense coach. He was only 37 years old at the time, so there were many people who felt sorry for him.

It is Sakamoto who found the key to his resurrection on the anniversary of his benefactor. He may not be able to stop the sex scandal, but it remains to be seen if baseball will restore his self-esteem.

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