Seong Yu-jin, who became stronger in the United States, is now the match queen “2 more wins”

Sung Yu-jin (23), who grew up based on various experiences, became the ‘Match Queen’ this year.

Seong Yu-jin won Park Hyeon-gyeong (23) in the final of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Doosan Match Play Championship (total prize money of 900 million won) held at Ladena Golf Club (par 72) in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 21st, 4&3 (4 holes leaving 3 holes) and climbed to the top.

Seong Yu-jin, who picked up her first win at the Lotte Open last year, competed at the Lotte Championship on the LPGA Tour, which she won through a winner’s injury. Seong Yu-jin, who left for Hawaii last April, almost wrote the myth of her invited players. Although she finished runner-up after an extra-time close-out, she made her birdie putt on the last 18th hole to her extension and sent her ceremony to her mother, conveying her emotion.

Seong Yu-jin, who has grown further by winning the championship and runner-up on the LPGA Tour, showed a strong performance in her match play. She broke the momentum of her same-age friend Park Hyeon-kyung from the beginning, who posted a 5-game winning streak.

She caught a birdie on the 2nd hole (par 5) and made birdies on the 3rd hole (par 3) and 4th hole (par 4) in a row and quickly ran away with a 3-hole car. She did not give Park Hyun-kyung her vibe. Park Hyeon-gyeong tried to chase after Sung Eugene by adding birdies on the 7th hole (par 3) and 11th hole (par 5), but Seong Yu-jin continued to widen the gap by catching birdies on the 12th and 13th holes following the 9th hole (par 4). .

Seong Yu-jin said, “I thought I should only play well in each hole, but I am happy to be rewarded with such good results. I always thought that I was not a good player. My goal was to improve every year and become a better player than last year. I think I improved more because I set goals.”

He continued, “The mindset I faced while going on overseas tours and the experience of failure were incorporated into my mentality and became an opportunity to become stronger. I have never done better than my peers, so I did not compare them. I lived day by day doing my best in my own style. Danny, such a good day has come.”메이저놀이터

Seong Yu-jin, who debuted on the regular tour in 2019, received less attention than Park Hyun-kyung and Lim Hee-jung, who played an active part in the national team. That year, the prize money ranking also fell to 85th and played a seed match. However, I walked my path silently and eventually blossomed.

Seong Yu-jin said, “It was very difficult during my rookie season. I came to the regular tour with a big dream, but the reality was devastating. It was hard to accept the fact that I had to go to the seed match. “My biggest goal this season is to win the Hanwha Classic, the main sponsor event. I am also aiming to successfully defend my title at the Lotte Open in two weeks,” he said.

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