SBS Hwang Jae Lee Commentary “Korea is Fearful of Yi – Expecting Eun Joong Kim’s Strategy”

SBS soccer commentator Lee Hwang-jae believes the South Korean Under-20 team has a good chance of winning against Italy in the final gateway to the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023 finals.

The semifinal match between South Korea and Italy will be held at the La Plata Stadium in La Plata, Argentina, starting at 6 a.m. on Sept. 9.

Lee emphasized the idea of “relativity” by comparing the results of Korea and Italy’s match against Nigeria on Aug. 8.

Earlier, South Korea won 1-0 in the quarterfinals against Nigeria after suffering a heartbreaking 0-2 loss to Italy in the group stage.

Commentator Lee Hwang-jae said, “If you look at it coldly, Italy is probably more afraid and cautious of Korea. They are the team that sent home Nigeria, the team that destroyed them,” said Lee.

South Korea are the only ‘unbeaten team’ in the tournament, having not lost a single game and boast a solid defense that has kept two clean sheets.

However, Italy is led by Cesare Cassaday, the tournament’s top scorer. “Cassaday is the player to watch out for,” says commentator Lee Hwang-jae. He’s a long striker with a great header,” warns Lee.

“It’s very important to block him in advance to prevent him from getting the ball, as well as one-on-one marks.”

Commentator Lee Hwang-jae also had high hopes for Kim Eun-jung. “Kim comes up with completely different concepts of strategy and tactics depending on the opponent. I’m looking forward to seeing what color cards he will play against Italy,” he added.

Commentator Lee Hwang-jae also commented on his commentary, saying, “I try to do my best every time so that I don’t take away from the players who are sweating and playing the game. For the viewers, I want to play a role in sharing and communicating the emotions such as cheers, regrets, and disappointments felt on the field.”메이저사이트

Commentator Lee Hwang-jae is the epitome of a passionate shouting commentator, working in perfect harmony with his ‘soul mate’ caster Lee Jae-hyung in this tournament. He delivers expert information while keeping things interesting.

It will be interesting to see if Korea will get a chance to win their first title by defeating Italy, who are at the gateway to the final for the second consecutive tournament.

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